double brushed polyester fabric

Double Brushed Recycled Polyester Spandex Fabric

Item Nr: PXE111G
Composition: Polyester 80% Spandex 20%
Weight: 250g/m2
Width: 150cm
1. polyester DTY:elastic
2. soft and warm
3. high grade color fastness
4. ready to ship color card free for reference


Introduction of Double Brushed Fabric

double brushed
Double brushed fabric is a kind of functional fabric. Based on original fabirc, double brushed technique gives the fabric warmth keeping and more softness. It’s quite suitable for winter garments.

Features of This Double Brushed Fabric

High Color Fastness

double brushed
After dyeing polyester fabric, we washed the fabric with reductive agents. This way can remove and destroy the unfixed or weakly fixed disperse dyestuffs on the fiber surface.
Commonly,we test color fastness to washing,rubbing,perspiration,sunlight,ironing and sublimation. For example, washing fastness is divided into 5 levels, the highest is 5,the lowest is 1.Our washing fastness level is usually 4 which is an excellent one.

Soft and Warm

double brushed
The double brushed fabric has soft and silky hand feeling. It’s thick and warm. Brushed technique increased the fluffy touch which makes the fabric more skin-friendly.

Recycled Eco-freindly Yarn

 recycled yarn
The raw material of the fabric are recycled polyester and recycled spandex yarn. Recycled fabric can reduce oil usage. We can save 6 tons of oil when using a ton of RPET fabric. This contributes to reducing carbon emissions and protecting the environment.
The recycled yarn has passed GRS certification. GRS(Gloal Recycled Standard) is an internationally accepted recycled standard. So it has a high degree of international recognition.

Fine Texture

double brushed
double brushed
The surface of the fabric is smooth and clean, the texture is fine and clear.
moisture wicking
After exercise, cotton fabrics will definitely leave a lot of sweat stains, while moisture wicking fabrics will not! It can keep your skin dry and cool!


double brushed
Anti-UV fabric can meet the radiation protection requirements. It’s suitable for making clothes of military or hospital. Meanwhile, it’s also suitable for making maternity clothes and pants.


Our raw material is polyester filament yarn. It’s thick and not easy to pilling. What’s more, the weaving fabric is tight and soild. These make the fabric anti-pilling.

Polyester DTY

DTY High Stretchy Yarn
high stretch
high stretch
Polyester DTY yarn has soft and comfortable hand feeling. Compared with general polyester, it has high bursting strength and high elastic modulus. In addition, it has good elongation and recovery. Besides, it’s easy to wash and quick drying. Furthermore, it is an ideal raw material for knitting and weaving processing. Therefore, it is suitable for making clothing fabrics, beddings and decorative articles.
color card
We have different kinds of colors for you to choose from. If you need other colors. Please contact us for what color you need. We will customize the color you want.

Specification of This Double Brushed Fabric

GSM (Gram / Sq meter) : 250gsm
Usable Width(cm/inch):150CM/Inch
Material/Composition : 80% Polyester, 20% Spandex
Fabric type : Dyed
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Application of This Double Brushed Fabric

applicationdouble brushed
It’s suitable for making leggings, shirts,yogawear,sports suit.

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