single jersey fabric

Polyester Spandex 4 Way Stretch Single Jersey Fabric for Cycling Wear

Item Nr: PS434
Composition: 92%Polyester 8%Spandex
Weight: 140g/m2
Width: 150cm
1. soft and skin-friendly
2. breathable and moisture wicking
3. high stretch
4. ready to ship color card free for reference


Introduction of 4 Way Stretch Fabric for Cycling Wear

This kind of 4 way stretch fabric is soft and breathable,moisture wicking. It’s suitable for making cycling wear and sports T-shirts.

Features of 4 Way Stretch Fabric for Cycling Wear

4 way stretch
This kind of fabric is skin- friendly and close-fitting.It has smooth texture and silky hand feeling.The surface is flat and delicate which makes the fabric high quality.

2.Soft Touch
4 way stretch
It’s soft and comfortable.We use fabric softener which makes the fabric soft and smooth. So it’s suitable for making lingerie,sportswear,swimwear and other close-fitting garments.

4 way stretch
This fabric is very breathable, when you wear it, you will feel that your skin is breathing freely.

4.Moisture Wicking
4 way stretch
We use dry fit technique.So the fabric is éasy to soak and dry.When the water drops on the fabric, it will smear in an instant.At room temperature, the water is completely dry after one hour.

Specification of 4 Way Stretch Fabric for Cycling Wear

4 way stretch
GSM (Gram / Sq meter) : 140 gsm
Usable Width(cm/inch):150CM/Inch
Material/Composition : 92% Polyester, 8% Spandex
Fabric type : Dyed
Knitting type : Weft knitting
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Color Card

4 way stretch
We have many kinds of colors for you to choose from.If you need other colors.Please contact us for what color you need.We will customize the color you want.

Application of 4 Way Stretch Fabric for Cycling Wear

cycling fabric
It’s suitable for making cycling wear,leggings,track suit,bra,panties,basketball jersey etc.

Certification of 4 Way Stretch Fabric for Cycling Wear

4 way stretch single jersey fabric
We have passed OEKO-TEX certification.We ensure our raw material is high quality and our product is skin-friendly.Also,we guarantee the fabric meet the International 4-point Inspection System standard.

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