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Eco Friendly 75% Recycled Nylon 25% Spandex Double Face Brushed Interlock for Yoga Clothes and Panties Underwear

Recycled Nylon Fabric Nowadays, people around the world hopes to reduce pollution and protect the environment.To promote sustainable development, many industries have advocated environmental protection concept. As a fabric industry, how to reduce industrial pollution has become a problem. This gave birth to the development of recycled fabrics. The common recycled fabrics are recycled polyester, […]

recycled polyester

Introduction of Recycled Polyester Fabric As a substitute and complement of virgin polyester fabric, we use recycled polyester widely in various fields. In response to diversified and differentiated customer needs, recycled polyester fabric can take good advantage of itself. It meets the market segmentation demand that virgin polyester fabric cannot cover. Specifically, recycled polyester fabric […]

80% Recycled Polyester 20% Spandex Double Face Brushed Interlock for Leggings and Yoga Pants Fabric

Introduction of Recycled Polyester Recycled fibers subvert the traditional source of raw materials. It takes local materials and comprehensively utilize waste resources.So these give the fibers “second life” and create new functional fibers comparable to the original quality. Among them, recycled polyester has now been widely used. The Source of Recycled Polyester Recycled polyester is […]

What shapewear fabric is good? 1、Elastic fiber knitted shapewear fabric generally contain spandex in the low-end grade, and the high-end ones contain natural extracted fibers such as cupra and modal. The characteristic is that the three-dimensional knitting effect is obvious for abdomen and buttocks, and it is not tight. 2、The traditional shapewear fabrics made by stitching the […]

3d Spacer Mesh Fabric

Supplex is a fiber specially developed by DuPont DuPont that combines the softness and smooth touch of cotton products with the high strength and durability of nylon. The refined composite filament makes Supplex flexible, lightweight and 26% softer than standard nylon. Unlike Mian Mian, it does not wrinkle, does not shrink, and does not fade. […]

Bamboo fiber fabric refers to a new type of fabric that is made of bamboo fiber through a special process and woven by bamboo as the raw material. It has the characteristics of silky soft warmth, antibacterial and antibacterial, moisture absorption and breathability, green environmental protection, anti-ultraviolet rays, natural health care, comfort and beauty. Experts […]

Environmental protection is already an old topic , so why continue to emphasize it here? In terms of the relationship between man and nature, man and nature live in harmony, and to protect the environment is to protect human beings themselves. Nature provides resources for human beings, because with resources, human beings can survive. If […]

Sexi Ladies Mature Knit Fabric For Bikini Swimsuits Naughty Swimwear

How many types of swimsuit fabrics? Generally, there are three basic types of swimsuit fabrics: Dubai Lycra, nylon and polyester, which are also the most common types on the market. Yingfeng Textile will introduce to you: 1. Nylon fabrics-fabrics obtained by blending or interweaving nylon filaments or short fibers with other fibers, which have the […]

Yoga Wear Fabric I will introduce to you the elastic Yoga Wear Fabric made by our Yingfeng Textiles, which is very popular in the market in the present. If you have any questions about this type of fabric, you can come to consult us. 1.A brief introduction to yoga wear fabrics: We main make knitted […]