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The anti-ultraviolet effect of knitted fabric can reach UPF50+?

The washing resistance of anti-ultraviolet and quick-drying fabrics is also the most concerned. Common special functions are basically realized through post-processing. However, after 5 to 10 washes of the fabrics used by many brands, the post-treatment agents have basically disappeared, so they have basically lost their functionality. This is also an important point in the […]

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There is no international consensus. The US PET Neighborhood Committee defines fibers with a monofilament fineness of 0.3~1.0 dtex as superfine fibers, Japan defines fibers with a monofilament fineness below 0.55 dtex as ultrafine fibers, and Italy defines monofilaments as monofilaments. Fibers with a fineness of 0.5 dtex or less are defined as ultra-fine fibers, […]