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Contents: What Material is Spandex Fabric Made of? What’s benifit of Spandex Fabric? Is Spandex Fabric Natural or Synthetic? What are the Advantages of Spandex Fabric? Is Spandex Fabric Good Material? How is Spandex Fabric made? What is Spandex Fabric Used for? How do Labs Test Spandex Fabric? How do You Care for Spandex Fabric? […]

In Spanish, the shapewear is called “faja”, which means “wrap”. The shapewear comes from Colombia, one of the most developed countries in the world for plastic surgery. Previously, people use shapewear were mainly for postoperative recovery. Patients who had undergone liposuction were wrapped in bandages. This can minimize edema and maintain the firmness of the […]

Introduction of Knitted Fabric With the development of clothing industry, the colors and styles of the clothes are more and more abundant. Meanwhile, great changes have taken place in the the clothing fabrics industry. It developed from linen to cotton, and now to knitted fabrics. Modern knitted fabric has developed quickly. And it becomes popular […]

Introduction of Spandex Spandex (Elastane) is a kind of elastic fiber. DuPont invented it in 1958. We also call it lycra. It has strong elasticity with a degree of extension of up to 600%. And it can recover to its original shape. It has high strength. And it’s breathable abrasion-resistant. When spandex first appeared, it […]

Introduction of Nylon There are many varieties of nylon, including nylon 6, nylon 66, nylon 11, and nylon 610. The most important ones are nylon 66 and nylon 6. It has high strength, high abrasion resistance and good resilience. And it can be purely spun and blended for various clothing and knitwear. Classification of Nylon […]

The main Types of Polyester Polyester is mainly divided into two types: polyester staple fiber and polyester filament. Here is the introduction including characteristics and applications of the two. 1.Polyester Staple Fiber Polyester staple fiber is a fiber obtained by spinning polyester into a tow and cutting it. It is a short fiber of a […]

As an auxiliary and sustainable fabric, recycled spandex fabric becomes popular among garment industry and other related industries. To produce elastic clothing and materials, spandex is a rigid demand. Based on the situation of  environmental protection and circular economy, recycled spandex is a good substitute for spandex. Current Situation of Spandex Spandex fabric is an […]

Recycled Nylon Fabric has high strength,high color fastness,high elongation and recovery and good moisture absorption. Introduction of Recycled Nylon Fabric We have discussed the source and application of nylon fabric in the previous article. Today I want to share the advantages of the fabric in detail. 1.High Strength of Recycled Nylon Fabric Recycled nylon almost […]

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