Introduction of Knitted Fabric

With the development of clothing industry, the colors and styles of the clothes are more and more abundant. Meanwhile, great changes have taken place in the the clothing fabrics industry. It developed from linen to cotton, and now to knitted fabrics. Modern knitted fabric has developed quickly. And it becomes popular among customers. Mainly because the fabric has soft texture, moisture absorption and breathability. Also, its good elasticity and high stretch meet customers’ needs. What’s more, knitted fabric is easy to produce.

The clothes made of knitted fabrics are close-fitting and unrestraint which can shape your body curve easily. Gradually, knitted fabric has become multifunctional and high-end. Different new types of functional and textured knitted fabrics bring us incredible touch and feeling. Today I will introduce some common knitted fabrics to you.

1.Polyester Yarn-dyed Knitted Fabric

We use dyed DTY as raw material to spin polyester yarn-dyed knitted mesh fabric. And we prepare different colors according to the design requirements. Then we use jacquard to knit 3-6 colors or even more color patterns. The common color patterns include stripes, lattices, flowers, figures, animals, landscapes, geometric patterns, etc. The fabrics knitted into various patterns has tight and thick texture and fluffy touch. So it’s suitable for making tops, suits, windbreakers, vests, skirts, cotton-padded jacket fabrics, children’s clothing, etc.

2.Polyester Knitted Wick Strip Fabric

polyester knitted fabric
We use DTY as raw material to spin polyester knitted wick strip fabric. We use the variable double rib to knit the fabric. During knitting, we take out 1 to 2 stitches every few wale stitches. As a result, the fabric surface presents straight stripes with different widths and unevenness. The thickness of the stripes depends on your needs.
This kind of knitted fabric has distinct unevenness, thick and plump hand feeling. And it has good elasticity and warm retention. So it’s suitable for making tops, suits, windbreakers, children’s clothing etc.

3.Polyester Cover Cotton Knitted Fabric

Polyester cover cotton knitted fabric is a kind of double rib composite polyester-cotton fabric. Generally, we use polyester yarn to spin the fabric front and cotton yarn to spin the fabric back. Then we connect the front and back through the tuck. After dyeing, the fabric is suitable for making shirts, jackets and sportswear. This kind of knitted fabric is crisp and anti-wrinkle, soild and durable, abrasion resistant. Meanwhile,the close-fitting side is moisture-absorbing and breathable, soft and comfortable.

4.Velvet Knitted Fabric

We use cotton yarn, polyester filament, nylon filament, polyester-cotton blended yarn and other raw materials as ground yarn. And we use cotton yarn, polyester filament or polyester textured yarn, polyester-cotton blended yarn as pile yarn. The ground yarn knitted on a plush knitting machine with a loop knit forms a ground knit. The pile yarn forms a loop. Then we cut the loop to form the fluff on the surface of the fabric. After that, we cut and scald to finish the fabric. We can also use the pile yarn as pad yarn to knit into the ground knit. And then we cut loops to finish the fabric. This kind of knitted fabric is soft and thick, solid and durable and abrasion resistant. And the fluff is thick and towering, the color is pastel. So it’s suitable for making overclothes, collars or hats. Velvet knitted fabric is a kind of plush knitted fabric.In terms of knitting form, we can use weft knitting or warp knitting. For example, the loop pile fabric is a kind of warp-knitted fabric.

5.Hong Kong Type Knitted Woolen Fabric

Hong Kong Type Knitted Woolen Fabric is a kind of weft knitted woolen fabric. We use high-grade cashmere and polyester yarn to spin it. It combines the advantages of both. On one hand, it has the smooth, soft and bulky feel of cashmere. On the other hand, it has the pastel color, good drape, no shrinkage and good breathability of the polyester. So it’s suitable for making autumn and winter fashion.
Our company has many years of experience in knitted fabrics. And we sufficiently guarantee the quality of production. Welcome to consult and order!

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