Recycled Nylon Fabric has high strength,high color fastness,high elongation and recovery and good moisture absorption.

Introduction of Recycled Nylon Fabric

NS110 Recycled Nylon FabricNS110 Recycled Nylon Fabric

We have discussed the source and application of nylon fabric in the previous article. Today I want to share the advantages of the fabric in detail.

1.High Strength of Recycled Nylon Fabric

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Recycled nylon
Recycled nylon almost has the same characteristics as pure nylon. It has super high strength. We can still find it solid and durable after wearing clothes for a long time. And it won’t be shrinking after washing. So it’s cost-effective.
Furthermore, we think it’s suitable for sports suit wear.Imagine when we go riding, go climbing or go hiking, we need to be careful with any obstacle. If we accidentally bump into something sharp, we will get into trouble during exercise. However, recycled nylon fabric will bring us a pleasant experience. We needn’t worry about damage to clothing during exercise. It has such good wear resistance that we can completely relax ourselves when doing any exercise.
2.Easy to Dye and Shape
color cardNS110 Recycled Nylon Fabric
For garment processing, recycled nylon fabric is able to simplify the production process and guarantee quality at the same time. It’s easy to dye and not to fade,even the stitching color. So you needn’t do too much anti-fading treatment. Meanwhile, it has high color fastness. It means when you wash clothes of different colors, they won’t stain. It’s convenient and time-saving. Also, this type of fabric is always protective for clothes.
The other feature is easy to shape and not to deform. So It looks flat without ironing. Therefore, workers will work more efficiently. People will save time and energy in maintaining clothes.

3.High Elongation and Recovery

High elasticityNS110 r=Recycled Nylon Fabric
We have tested the elongation and recovery of recycled nylon fabric. It suggests that a 10-cm sample fabric can be pulled up into 17 cm. And it can return to 10 cm after recovery.  It means when you are doing some stretching exercise, it can withstand greater tension and won’t be loose.
Moreover, we think it’s suitable for yoga wear and sportswear. Imagine we are doing a difficult yoga posture, we need to keep the balance of the body. If the cloth is not elastic, you will feel bound and difficult to stretch. Neither can relax ourselves nor achieve the effect of body sculpting. So we need to choose elastic fabric for yoga wear and sportswear. Only by this means can we bring customers a wonderful experience.

4.Better moisture absorption

NS110 Recycled Nylon Fabric
Moisture wicking
Among recycled synthetic fibers, recycled nylon fabric has better moisture absorption. We usually increase moisture absorption and quick-drying process. By making the surface of the yarn grooves, the sweat or water can flow away quickly and be absorbed. The technique is inspired by the principle of tile joints. The joints can speed up the flow of water. So we use this principle to achieve moisture absorption and quick-drying effect.
Technology comes from life. We continue to research and innovate new processes to bring humanized products.
Above all, recycled nylon fabric is a multifunctional fabric. It can bring users a comfortable and reassuring experience. Also, it contains environmental friendly concept. And the lower cost is attractive.
NS110 Recycled Nylon FabricRecycled nylon
In response to market demand, we company keeps up with the pace of sustainable development. Specializing in the production of recycled fabrics, including recycled nylon, recycled polyester and recycled spandex. Recently, we have launched new recycled nylon products. Welcome to contact us!