As an auxiliary and sustainable fabric, recycled spandex fabric becomes popular among garment industry and other related industries. To produce elastic clothing and materials, spandex is a rigid demand. Based on the situation of  environmental protection and circular economy, recycled spandex is a good substitute for spandex.

Current Situation of Spandex


Spandex fabric is an extremely elastic fabric. We often see spandex on the label of clothes. It’s widely used in garment processing. Recently, the price of spandex has fluctuated and the market demand has focused on rigid demand. Also, the price of oil has also fluctuated. The government has limited electricity to reduce carbon emission. Circular economy has become a trend.

Appearance of Recycled Spandex

recycled spandexrecycled spandex

As a result, recycled spandex appeared and was well development. The appearance of recycled spandex takes advantage of textile resources and promotes carbon neutrality in the textile industry. It’s environmental-friendly and promote sustainable development. So recycled spandex becomes popular among customers. Some customers are interested in recycled spandex and want to learn more about it. Here are some information about recycled spandex.

How is it produced?

spinrecycled spandex

First of all, we recycle unused spandex waste and mix it with new fiber. Secondly, we use maturation treatment to spandex waste yarn. Heat and keep warm in the environment of N gas. Thirdly, we crush waste spandex into ultra-short spandex waste yarn with a fiber length≤30mm. Then we dry the ultra-short fiber and make it have a certain moisture content. After that, we add DMAC and ultra-short fibers into the reactor to obtain a spinning dope with stable characteristics. Then the spinning dope is filtered, defoamed, matured, spinning, twisted, oiled, and wound.Finally, we can obtain the finished spandex yarn.

What common application of spandex and recycled spandex?

high stretch applications

As we all know, spandex has high stretchiness. The popular fabric like two-way is widely used. As an elastic fiber, it was used in many industries such as garment manufacturing, auto accessories, medical treatment.In detail, we blend spandex with other fibers to make sportswear, underwear, seat belt and protective clothing.

Of course, the application of recycled spandex is similar to spandex. Through new material technology, we extract spandex from waste textiles and restore it to recycled spandex. Recycled spandex is widely used in automobile manufacturing, construction engineering, agricultural insulation and new clothing manufacturing. It can also be blended with other fibers. The common fabric such as recycled polyester spandex blended fabric, recycled nylon spandex blended fabric.

We use these kinds of fabrics to make women’s underwear, stockings, medical bandage.From the perspective of ready-to-wear, the performance of recycled spandex is similar to spandex, including high elasticity and resilience, smooth touch, high stability and so on. Most importantly, recycled spandex is more environmental-friendly which reduce pollution caused by incineration and landfill. So we call recycled spandex an auxiliary and sustainable fabric.

What is our original intention to make recycled fabrics?

high quality GRS

We company professionally manufacture recycled polyester spandex fabric and recycled nylon spandex fabric. By reusing idle fabrics and scraps , we make the fabric a second life. At the same time, we hope to contribute to the environmental protection and circular economy.Welcome to cooperate with us. We are looking forward to working together with you to make our environment better.