In Spanish, the shapewear is called “faja”, which means “wrap”. The shapewear comes from Colombia, one of the most developed countries in the world for plastic surgery. Previously, people use shapewear were mainly for postoperative recovery. Patients who had undergone liposuction were wrapped in bandages. This can minimize edema and maintain the firmness of the skin.

The Re-Popularity of Shapewear

According to the “New York Times” report, the trend of women wearing shapewear is quietly rising in the streets of Corona, Queens, New York. Younger Women from Latin America even other countries have become obsessed with shapewear. They see it as a shortcut to having a bumpy figure.
For more than 50 years, American women have generally abandoned this type of tight underwear. And American feminists have even denounced it as a symbol of oppression. Anyway, the good effect of the shapewear is obvious to all. Now, shapewear has become a fashion again. More and more women prefer to wear shapewear every day before going out.
The re-popularity of shapewear is unexpected. After all,the last time it was popular was because of its postoperative rehabilitation use.
“I’ve been through the 1970s; at that time we had thrown it away.” Lisa Cipriani,57 years old,She said when it comes to the younger generation,it has returned.”

The Increasing Demand of Shapewear

The public’s demand for shapewear is gradually increasing. Colfajas is a Colombian company that produces and exports shapewear. According to Jean Pierre Velez, one of the managers of this company. “As early as 2011, the company’s output increased by 47%. And the number of exports reached 60,000, which is an increase of thousands over previous years.
According to market research, in 2020, the global shapewear market reached 24.9 billion yuan. And it is expected to reach 36 billion yuan in 2026, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.1%.

The Raw Materials and Uses of Shapewear

There are different styles and sizes of shapewear. Ranging from long jumpsuits to belly bands. And both for women and for men. The shaping effect is mainly related to the pressure on the shapewear fabric. Currently, shapewear fabric mainly include lycra, cotton, nylon and latex. The tighter the fabric, the better the shaping effect.
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