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Introduction How to choose shapewear depends on how to choose shapewear fabric. Of course the brand and style. So how to choose the shapewear fabric suitable for yourself? I think we can consider two aspects when choosing the shapewear fabric. One is your body type,the other is your living environment. Choose Shapewear Fabric Suitable For […]

In Spanish, the shapewear is called “faja”, which means “wrap”. The shapewear comes from Colombia, one of the most developed countries in the world for plastic surgery. Previously, people use shapewear were mainly for postoperative recovery. Patients who had undergone liposuction were wrapped in bandages. This can minimize edema and maintain the firmness of the […]

What shapewear fabric is good? 1、Elastic fiber knitted shapewear fabric generally contain spandex in the low-end grade, and the high-end ones contain natural extracted fibers such as cupra and modal. The characteristic is that the three-dimensional knitting effect is obvious for abdomen and buttocks, and it is not tight. 2、The traditional shapewear fabrics made by stitching the […]