How to choose shapewear depends on how to choose shapewear fabric. Of course the brand and style. So how to choose the shapewear fabric suitable for yourself? I think we can consider two aspects when choosing the shapewear fabric. One is your body type,the other is your living environment.
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Choose Shapewear Fabric Suitable For Your Body Type

We should choose shapewear fabric according to your body type. Everyone has a dofferent body shape. Some are plump,some are fat,others are slim etc. “Cast above all however prejudice,not wearing blikers to see a person.” Just present the facts objectively.

🩱So if you are plump,you can choose lightweight shapewear fabric with less polyamide. Or you can chooose polyester fabric which has a little elasticity. These two fabrics can give you light and comfortable feeling. And you will not feel that tight when moving.

🩱If you are fat,you can choose high compression fabric. This kind of fabric is thick and heavy,firm and durable. This fabric is easy for tummy control and butt lifting. Of course,very helpful for postpartum recovery.
Choosing high compression fabric can hide your tummy and shape beautiful figure.

Choose Shapewear Fabric Suitable For Your living environment

We should choose shapewear fabric according to the living environment. And your living environment depends on local cilmate. As we all know, different areas have different climates. Some are wet and hot in summer, wet and cold in winter. Some are dry and cool in summer, dry and cold in winter. Others are warm in winter and cool in summer. So you need to consider the local climate.

🩱If your local climate is wet and hot, recommend you to choose power mesh fabrics. Since it’s a kind of mesh fabric, it’s breathable and moisture wicking. This fabric can hold your skin tight and make your skin breathe freely. And you won’t feel too hot in summer. And it’s ideal for daily.

Colombia fajas shapewear fabric
high compression mesh fabric for Colombia fajas

🩱And if your local cliamte is dry and cool, also recommend you plain shapewear fabric. That means both powernet or plain fabric is ok. They both provide comfort and relief for you. By the way, plain shapewear fabric is softer than powernet fabric. But they both have high compression and shape your body well.

🩱If your local climate is warm in winter and hot in summer. It’s easy for you to choose shapewear fabric. Just depend on yourself. Both powernet and plain fabric are ok. By the way, if you want inner wear, plain fabric will be your better choice. After all, powernet is firmer than plain fabric.


Above all, you should choose the shapewear fabric suitable for yourself. Besides the body shape and living condition, you can also consider the compression level you can bear. Holding too tight will make you feel uncomfortable. Too loose will not make a difference. So just pick the level good for your health and figure.