When we choose knitting fabric, we always come up with a question:How to identify it’s tricot fabric or weft knitting fabric Before answering this question, we need to figure out what’s tricot fabric and what’s weft knitting fabric. Let’s learn about the two kinds of fabrics.

What Is Tricot Fabric?

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Tricot fabric,we also call it warp knitting fabric. We just use warp knitting to spin the warp knitting yarn and eventually blend to tricot fabric. Just like the warp of a woven fabric. The warp beam feeds the warp yarn. And a large number of parallel arranged yarns are wound on the warp beam. So it is similar to the warp beam in weaving.
The direction of the yarn in the tricot fabric is warp direction. Form a vertical loop in a row. And then move diagonally to another wale. Forming another stitch in the next course. The yarn advances in a zigzag pattern from side to side along the length of the fabric. And different yarns in a course are woven into different loops.

What Is Weft Knitting Fabric?

Weft knitting fabric refers to knitting fabric knitted from the horizontal direction. That is to say, the weft knitting machine moves the yarn from one side to the other side. So that it reciprocates horizontally (or circularly). Basing on this,cooperate with the movement of the knitting needles to form new knitting loops.
The weft knitting fabric yarn goes horizontally. The knitting needles knit many courses in the course direction. These courses connect up and down to form a course. And the weft knitting fabric is thus formed. And the magic is:A single yarn knits all the loops in a row. Besides,flat knitting machines or circular knitting machines can finish weft knitting fabric.

How To Distinguish Tricot Fabric And Weft Knitting Fabric?

1. Tricot(Warp knitting): Use multiple yarns to form loops in the weft (warp) of the fabric at the same time.
Weft knitting: Use one or more yarns to form a loop along the warp (weft) of the department.
2. Tricot fabric(Warp knitting fabric):we can’t use one yarn to form it.
Weft knitting fabric: we can use at least one yarn to form it. However, we generally use multiple yarns for knitting but in order to improve efficiency. And a single yarn can only form a loop.
3. All weft-knitting fabrics can be broken into threads in the opposite knitting direction. But tricot fabrics cannot. What’s more,warp knitting fabrics cannot hand knitting.

4. The easiest way to identify tricot fabric and weft knitting fabric is observe the texture. The texture on both sides are the same is weft knitting fabric.The texture on both sides perpendicular to each other are tricot fabric(warp knitting fabric).
5. Generally, weft knitting fabric include single jersey,double interlock,double rib. Tricot fabric(warp knitting fabric) include warp plain, warp chain, warp satin and warp velvet. In detail: tricot fabric include two-way stretch,powernet,mirror-satin,satin-net,triskin,jacquard,multibar lace. Moreover, tricot fabric doesn’t separate. But weft knitting fabric can separate in the weft direction.

Warp Knitting VS Weft Knitting

1.Fabric stretch
(1)Warp Knitting Fabric(Tricot Fabric):The warp direction is stretchable but the weft direction is almost not.
(2)Weft Knitting Fabric:Both the warp direction and the weft direction are very stretchable.
2.Fabric disassembly
(1)Tricot Fabric(Warp knitting Fabric):Not easy to disassemble.
(2)Weft Knitting Fabric:Easy to disassemble.

3.Equipment debugging
(1) When weaving warp knitting fabric(tricot fabric) , it is complicated to adjust the equipment. And it takes a lot of time.
(2) When weaving weft knitting fabrics, it is easy to adjust the equipment with less time. So it is more efficient.
4.Production efficiency
(1) The warp knitting way:-can only weave (weave) plain fabrics. And can only weave semi-finished products.
(2) The weft knitting way— can produce plain and cylindrical fabric rolls. Directly make garments, garment pieces and formed fabrics.
5.Production batch:
(1) Usually, tricot fabric (warp knitting fabric) has MOQ. It is necessary to have a certain batch for producing.
(2) Oppositely,weft knitting fabric has no MOQIt’s acceptable to produce in small batches (even 1 kg).