• wingtex nylon tricot fabric for lingerie
  • nylon tricot lingerie fabric
  • superfine nylon tricot lingerie fabric
  • breathable nylon tricot lingerie fabric
  • durable nylon tricot fabric for lingerie


Item Nr: NS056
Composition: Nylon 70% Spandex 30%
Weight: 140g/m2
Width: 150cm
1. smooth and silky
2. light and breathable
3. high stretch and great fabric drape
4. high grade color fastness
5. ready to ship color card free for reference


The main component of our nylon tricot lingerie fabric is nylon. In addition, we blend nylon yarn with spandex yarn to make it elastic. It feels very smooth and soft, just like a layer of skin. And this fabric is very light and thin with excellent drape. In addition to making lingerie, it is also very suitable for pajamas. Our fabric is available in multiple spot colors, such as the recent popular color Very Peri. We also accept color samples from customers and Pantone colors. Welcome to cooperate with us!


1.Soft and silky
2.Good fabric drape
3.Light and breathable
4.Elastic and durable
5.Free cut and tailored


Wingtex nylon nylon tricot lingerie fabric is not only suitable for lingerie and pajamas, but also suitable for panties. We have made antibacterial treatment on the fabric to protect the health of users. Of course, if you have other special requirements such as moisture absorption, quick drying, and UV resistance, we will also make special processing on the fabric according to your needs. By the way, the fabric itself is lightweight and breathable, so it has moisture wicking effect.


1.Keep away from sharp objects
2.Gentle hand washing and machine washing
3.Hang drying or low heating drying
4.Don’t need to iron
wingtex skin-friendly nylon tricot lingerie fabric


Q.Will white or light-colored nylon tricot fabrics turn yellow after washing and drying?
A.The fabric won’t turn yellow. We use high-quality raw materials and control from the source to ensure the high quality of fibers and yarns. Including the use of finishing agents, we will select high-quality agents and control the amount of agents proportionally. In terms of machine use, we will control the temperature of the setting machine. In terms of fabric packaging and storage, we will keep the fabric sealing in a dust-free state. And at the same time we ensure that the storage room is dry and clean.
Q.Does nylon tricot lingerie fabric have formaldehyde?
A.Without formaldehyde. We use environmentally friendly dyes to protect human health. In addition, we ensure that the dyeing workshop is clean and tidy. We also test indoor air quality to ensure that the air does not contain formaldehyde molecules or other impurities. Moreover, we will clean the dye vat in time to ensure that the dye vat is clean.
Q.Is the surface of nylon tricot lingerie fabric flat?
A.Yes. The tricot fabric itself is not easy to fall apart. In the pre-processing stage, we will use a pre-setting machine to shape the base fabric, and in the post-finishing stage, we will use a post-setting machine to shape the dyed fabric.
Q.Is this nylon tricot lingerie fabric acceptable for ordering in small batches?
A.We accept small batch order. Although tricot fabrics need to be produced in a certain batch, our tenet is customer first. So we accept even small batches.

This is our OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 certificate and farbic related test reports.

OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100certificate and test reports

This is our fabric production process.

production process

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Q1: What is minimum quantity?
A1: NO MOQ, any quantity we can do for you.
Q2: Do you offer free samples?
A2: Yes, Free hangers/color card and yardage sample within 1 yard available.
Q3: What is your term of payment?
A3: We can accept the payment through PayPal, T/T Etc.
Q4: Can you produce according to customers I design and color?
A4: Yes, we have own design team who can draw or dye according your requirements.
Q5: What’s the time of delivery?
A5: Basic items we can send 7-15 days.
Q6: What is your quality guarantee?
A6: 100% inspected before shipment.