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    Service Process

    When we receive your order inquiry,our sales manager will communicate with you about the fabric you need. And then they will send samples to you. If you customize the color, we will provide color samples for you to confirm. After you confirm the sample and quantity, you can place bulk orders. After that, we will provide packing list for you. You can pay after confirming the bulk order. And we will produce the bulk and tell you about the delivery. We have many shipping ways such as FOB,DDP,DAP,CIF,EXW.

  • FOB(Free on Board) is delivery on board at the port of shipment. Under the condition of delivery on board, the buyer is responsible for customs clearance of the goods for export. And bear the cost and risk of transporting the goods on board the designated port of shipment.

  • DDP(Delivered Duty Paid) is delivery after duty paid in designated destination. The seller completes the import customs clearance procedures at the designated destination. And the seller delivers the goods that have not been unloaded on the delivery vehicle to the buyer to complete the delivery.

  • DAP (Delivered at Place) means delivery at destination. It means that after the seller has delivered the goods by means of transport to the destination designated by the buyer, the goods loaded on the means of transport (without unloading) are handed over to the buyer for disposal, that is, the delivery is completed.

  • CIF refers to COST, INSURANCE, AND FREIGHT (designated port of destination), which means that when the goods cross the ship’s rail at the port of shipment (actually in the shipping hold), the seller will complete the delivery. The seller shall pay the freight and insurance premiums for the goods from the port of shipment to the port of destination, but the buyer shall bear the risk of damage and loss after the goods are shipped.

  • EXW is “Ex Works (… named place).” It means that the seller delivers the ready goods to the buyer at its location (such as workshop, factory or warehouse, etc.) to fulfill its delivery obligations.

    Other situations:

  • If you choose stock color fabric,we will provide you with packing list. And you can pay in full. Also,you can choose to pay a deposit. After that,we will send you pack list. After you confirm,you can pay the balance.

  • If you have the specified product, you can send us the original sample and we will analyze it for you. Then quote for you. If there is stock, we can send you samples. If not, we will develop custom fabrics for you with the proofing fee. Then we will send you samples.

  • Main Products

    Leggings Fabrics

    leggings fabric

    Leggings fabrics include fabrics for yoga pants,sports leggings and thermal leggings.

    Lingerie Fabrics

    lingerie fabric

    Lingerie fabrics include fabrics for lingerie set,bra,panties and nightwear.

    Sports Suit Fabrics

    sports suit fabric

    Sports suit fabrics include fabrics for sports bra,sports tight,sports T-shirt,sports jackets,jersey.

    Swimwear Fabrics

    swimwear fabric

    Swimwear fabrics include fabrics for swimsuit, bikini and board shorts.

    Yoga Wear Fabrics

    yoga wear fabric

    Yoga wear fabrics include fabrics for yoga pants, yoga dress and yoga tops.

    Shapewear Fabrics

    shapewear fabric

    Shapewear fabrics include fabrics for fajas,body shaper shorts,waist trainer,body suit and full body shaper.

    swimsuit fabrics

    How Many Types of Swimsuit Fabrics?

    Generally, there are three basic types of swimsuit fabrics: Dubai Lycra, nylon and polyester, which are also the most common types on the market. Wingtex Textile will introduce to you:


    Qulity Assurance

    We check fabrics according to International 4 Point Inspection System and we guarantee that every meter of our fabric is qulifiled before shipping. We have professional certificates:OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100;GRS Certificate. In addition, you will get other service with every order:

  • Free Samples and color cards
  • Custom fabrics with color,content,weight and design
  • Test reports of functional fabrics

  • Test Reports

    anti-UV test reportsanti-bacterial and Dri-FIT test reports

    We can customize functional fabrics such as Dri-FIT fabric,anti-UV fabric,anti-bacterial fabric,anti-chlorine bleach fabric etc. And we provide you with related testing reports.

    Spandex Knitted Fabrics

    We have more than 100 types of best selling spandex knitted fabrics for you to choose. And if you are looking for spandex knitted fabrics,please check out our guide for shapewear fabrics,brushed fabrics,recycled fabrics and other common spandex knitted fabrics.

    shapewear fabric
    shapewear fabric nylon spandex fabric
    shapewear fabric

    brushed fabric

    recycled fabric

    recycled polyester fabric

    recycled nylon fabric

    recycled spandex fabric

    supplex fabric

    bamboo fiber fabric

    spandex mesh fabric for sportswear

    yoga wear fabric

    microfiber fabric

    anti-UV fabric

      Why Choose Wingtex for Spandex Knitted Fabric?

    • Eco-friendly Dyeing
    • Seven Days Proofing and Free Samples
    • No Minimum Order Quantity(MOQ)
    • Multiple Shipping Methods