Recycled Nylon Fabric

Nowadays, people around the world hopes to reduce pollution and protect the environment.To promote sustainable development, many industries have advocated environmental protection concept. As a fabric industry, how to reduce industrial pollution has become a problem. This gave birth to the development of recycled fabrics. The common recycled fabrics are recycled polyester, recycled nylon, and recycled spandex. Today we will discuss the source and application of recycled nylon fabric. So how much do you know about recycled nylon fabric?

1.What is the source of recycled nylon fabric? How is it produced?

Recycled nylonRecycled nylon







Firstly, we completely spin recycled nylon fabric from recycled nylon. Secondly, we produce it by collecting and purifying waste plastics, fishing nets, landfills and textile fiber waste in the ocean. Thirdly, we transform them into new polymer and spinning through depolymerization and purification. Finally, we can recycle the materials and make them into new nylon fabrics. Compared with pure nylon, recycled nylon can reduce the impact of nylon on global warming.

2. What are the common applications of recycled nylon fabric?

Recycled nylonEco Friendly 75% Recycled Nylon 25% Spandex Double Face Brushed Interlock for Yoga Clothes and Panties Underwear










As far as the apparel industry is concerned, recycled nylon fabric is widely used. We can use it to make yoga clothes, waterproof jackets, long shorts, sports T-shirts and other garments. Also, we can make sports shoes, boots with recycled nylon fabric.In addition to clothing and footwear, some common accessories such as bags, hats, ties are also the application field of recycled nylon fabric. For example, some common backpacks, messenger bags and handbags are popular with the public because of good waterproof performance. Do you think customers prefer the environmental friendly and fashionable fabric? I think the answer is yes.

3.Which big brands use recycled nylon fabrics?

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Take luxury brands as examples, Gucci has begun to use 100% recycled nylon materials in 2016. Then she launched a series of 100% recycled nylon products like backpacks and satchels in 2020.
Also, Prada started a recycled nylon project in 2019.Launching a series of recycled nylon products, including clothes, shoes, bags, hats, belts, etc. And announced that the ultimate goal is to convert all Prada virgin nylon to recycled nylon by the end of 2021.
In addition, Longchamp launched the Green District series in 2020. Using nylon waste recycled in the ocean to create lightweight materials. Then Longchamp launched the LePliage® Green series in 2021.Her products are mainly handbags which are like Chinese dumplings. Furthermore, the main fabric adopts recycled nylon fabric and it has passed the GRS certification.
Generally speaking, more and more brands choose to use recycled nylon fabrics. They want to promote sustainable development of fashion economy. Besides the above brands, Adidas, H&M, and Burberry are also actively cooperate with recycled nylon suppliers.They hope to transform industrial development concept into sustainable development concept.
In the case of promoting sustainable development of fashion economy, recycled synthetic fibers play an important role. And as one of them,recycled nylon has the advantage of high strength, good friction resistance, better moisture absorption and lower cost. These make it popular in recycled synthetic fibers.
Last but not least,our company actively implements the concept of sustainable development in the industry under the current circular economy situation. We insists on the development and production of recycled fabrics, including recycled polyester, recycled nylon, recycled spandex and other synthetic fiber fabrics. Our products have passed the GRS certification. Welcome customers in need to negotiate and cooperate with us!
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