Introduction of Stains from Polyester Fabric

stains from polyester fabric
stains from polyester fabric

You’ll feel upset when seeing stain on your new clothes.That’s mainly because of the stain on the fabric.Generally,the common stains include blue stain,yellow stain and black stain.Stain is easy to appear on polyester fabrics,especially white or other light color fabrics.Today I will show you which causes stains from polyester fabric and how to avoid them.

Which causes stains from Polyester Fabric?

During production,stain may appear in four processes: pre-set,dyeing transportation,dyeing,post-set.
dyeing process

Dyeing Process Introduction

Before pre-set,we wash the polyester gray fabric.Then we use stenter to pre-set the gray fabric.The pre-set is to relieve the internal stress of the gray fabric.Then we transport the dye to the dyeing workshop and start dyeing the gray fabric.We usually spend several hours dyeing the polyester gray fabric.After dyeing,we also do some color-fixing to making the fabric high color fastness.Next,we post-set the dyed polyester fabric.The post-set is to improve the function of the fabric such as anti-UV,anti-bacterial,moisture wicking and so on.During post-set,we often add some addition agents.

During the four processes,there are some details that weren’t noticed which cause stain.


dyeing workshop
dye room

If the dyeing workshop is close to dyeing room,There are dye molecules in the air and the molecules is mixed into the dyeing process.Gradually,the dye molecules form stain.

Dye Transportation

dye warehouse

During dye transportation,dyes fly up and fall on the fabric to be processed.Or the fabrics in the wagon has dust falling on it after being placed for a long time.These will cause stain.


dye vats

During dyeing,the dye is not completely melted.There are still tiny particles that have not dissolved.So there are tiny stain of the same color. Another situation is the dyeing vat is not cleaned after dyeing the dark color.When dyeing the light color,there are tiny stain of other kinds of dyes.


post-set machine

During post-set,adding too much addition agent will cause agent stain.

How does Wingtex Avoid Stains from Polyester Fabric?

polyester grey fabric
post-set machine

Before production,we choose high-quality raw material.We ensure our polyester gray fabric has no defects.Meanwhile,we choose high-quality dyes and agents to better improve the color and function of the fabric.Besides,we also check whether the production equipment is clean and operating normally.Then we pay attention to every detail in the production process.Here is what we do.

Our Pre-set

our dyeing workshop
our dye room

First of all,we completely separate the dyeing workshop from the dye room.

Our Dye Transportation

our wagon

During the dye transportation,we use dust cloth to cover the wagon.

Our Dyeing


During dyeing,our workers use a filter with a mesh size of 300 mesh or more to filter when adding dye.Stir the dye thoroughly to completely dissolve it.In addition, we choose a reasonable heating curve when dyeing.

After Dyeing

clean dye vat
dye vat

After dyeing,the workers clean the dyeing machine in time.And we set up dark dye vat and light dye vat to avoid cross use.

Our Post-set

agent ritio table

During post-set,we made an agent ratio table to control the amount of agent.Our workers add the agents according to the ratio table.

Product Quality Inspection

fabric inspection
molding machine

Follow International 4-point Inspection System

We strictly follow the standard of International 4-point Inspection System when producing fabrics.Any product with stain will be reworked or left in the scrap warehouse for waste fabric.

Simulate Customer Usage Scenarios

Furthermore,we will simulate customer usage scenarios after asking customer needs.For example,if customer needs to do bra mold cups,we will use molding machine to mold the fabric and find if there is stain on it.
In general, we must first strictly control the quality: ensure the quality of raw materials, and select high-quality agents. At the same time, it is necessary to ensure the normal operation of various operations: clean and inspect the equipment in time, and do a good job in mechanical maintenance. In this way, we can avoid fabric defects and ensure product quality.

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