What’s the material of shapewear? How to choose shapewear? What are the main types of shapewear? What is shapewear used for? You will have some questions of shapewear if you don’t know about it clearly. Today I will answer these questions for you. Let’s have a look!

Which Material Is Good For Shapewear?

The fabric of the shapewear will actually have a great impact on how we feel when wearing it. Many people don’t know how to choose the fabric. Now there are many kinds of fabrics on the market, we should be careful when choosing.
shapewear fabric
1. Generally,some shapewear made of stretch knitted fabrics always contain spandex. Others contains natural fibers such as cupro fiber and modal. They all have characteristics of 3D weaving,stretchy and high compression. Good for tummy control,butt lifting. And not very tight to wear.
2. The traditional shapewear is made of spandex fabric with glued bones. Some high-tech products add chitin and triangular silk to stimulate the metabolism of the panel. This kind of shapewear has advantage of good shaping effect,especially the effect of pushing the back (preventing hunchback). But ordinary knitted shapewear can’t achieve this. But it still has disadvantage of too tight so it’s difficult for people to wear for a long time.

What To Consider When Choosing Shape Wear?

wingtex shapewear fabric
Shapewear is generally wearing inside. So it must be soft and comfortable, breathable and moisture wicking. Therefore, you must learn about the material of the shapewear in order to choose the right one.It must be non-irritating to skin so as to ensure no sultry or sweaty rash even wearing for a long time. Generally speaking, it is better to choose nylon fabric or polyester fabric for shapewear. In addition, when choosing a shapewear, you’d better not choose too elastic shapewear because it’s hard to shape body. As we all know, to achieve good body-shaping effect, the shapewear must have high compression. So it is better to learn about it before buying it. For example,you can stretch it and see its recovery. If it’s slightly stretchy and recovers instantly,it’s a good choice.

What Are The Common Types of Shapewear?

waist training shapewear fabric
1. For daily body shaping

This type of shapewear is suitable for wearers who wants to improve and correct their body shape. By the way, people who have undergone surgery should wear with caution. Due to its high compression and restraint,this shapewear has steel rings, nylon cords and multi-layer reinforcement. In addition, there is no standard for the fabrics, control level, design,styles, etc. These all depend on the individual’s different physical requirements. Personal preference is the only requirement for this type of shapewear. Therefore, almost all types of shapewear can be used as a body shaper for daily wear. But the shapewear with steel rings, nylon cords and multi-layer reinforcements are only suitable for daily body shape. Not for daily wear or other purposes.

shapewear fabric for girdle
2. For sports and body sculpting

This kind of shapewear is suitable for wearing in bodybuilding, gymnastics, dancing, cycling, swimming etc. To enhance muscle strength and improve joint flexibility. At the same time, it can coordinate body unity and reduce air flow resistance. This kind of shapewear often uses various special elastic fabrics with different functions. To meet the requirements of different sports. It has enough compression without affecting the accuracy of movements and physical performance. This type of shapewear don’t have any steel rings or cords.

What Are The Functions Of Shape Wear?

shapewear fabric for full body shaping
1. Adjustable bra: It can modify the curve of the breasts and make them erect and plump. At the same time,adjustable bra can prevent breast expansion and sagging. It is perfect to show a beautiful and moving cleavage.
2. Waist training: A well-proportioned posture depends on the waist curve. Waist training can create a waistline and raise the position of the waist. At the same time, it can control the accumulation of stomach and abdominal fat.
3. Girdle: It is good for shaping peach butt and control tummy. And the long girdle can also tighten the thigh and modify the curve between butt and thighs.
4. Chest, waist and abdomen three-in-one corset: As the name suggests, it can shape the curves of chest, waist and abdomen. And it is stable and not easy to loosen.
5. One-piece full body corset (one-piece body shaper): It warp the body from the chest to the buttocks. In addition to shaping the curves of various parts, it can also prevent hunchback and correct posture.