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Digital Printing Fabric against White Background

Item Nr: PS109 / NS110
Composition: Polyester 82% Spandex 18% / Nylon 75% Spandex 25%
Weight: 210-230g/m2
Width: 148cm
1. solid and strong printed patterns
2. high modulus
3. stretchy with good recovery
4. various printing patterns available
5. ready-to-ship color card for your reference

Why Digital Printing Fabric?

custom digital printing fabric
durable printed fabric

As we all know, digital printing fabric is one of the most common printing fabrics. The process improves quickly with the development of computer technology. The patterns are more exact and clear. And the printed patterns are more solid. Most importantly, digital printing fabric allows small orders and various types of patterns. So there is no pressure on production. The process is effective so you can get samples quickly. With quick printing and quick proofing, you can custom your samples in different printing patterns as soon as possible.

What is Digital Printing Fabric against White Background?

non-seethrough print fabric
solid print fabric

Generally, white background means we print ground fabric directly. And the printing patterns are often much darker than the background color. So you can see the print through the back. By the way, please understand that direct printing will reveal white after stretching it. After all, the white ground fabric is necessary unless you choose a ground dyeing print. For digital printing fabric, you have an alternative to print ground fabric or not.

What is Digital Printing Fabric for?

digital printing fabric for yoga wear
digital printing fabric with denim look

For garment design, digital printing fabric is always an option for designers. Abundant printing patterns create the infinite potential for fashion. It gives apparel endless possibilities you’ve never imagined. We deeply believe that there are no limits to fashion. It’s not just for versatile leggings, but for the shirt, T-shirt, dress, pants, swimsuits, etc. Here for leggings, there are polyester-spandex fabric and nylon spandex fabric. Also, these fabrics are with different available patterns, They are stretchy, soft, and wicking. It makes you feel skin-friendly and gives you a nude feeling. I have to say these digital printing fabrics combine comfy and beauty.

What can Wingtex Bring You?

digital printing fabric of poly spandex
digital printing fabric of nylon spandex

With the developed process and machines of digital printing, wingtex has created hundreds of printing patterns for types of applications. Thanks to our customers, their mind leads to the birth of beauty. And we turn the ideas into reality. Through cooperation, we both present a win-win situation. You just send your picture and we customize your design. If you need us to design, that’s also available. Our designers will design the printing pattern for you according to your requirements. Till you confirm the pattern, we will apply your idea to the fabric. And you will get digital printing fabric beyond imagination. In addition, direct print and ground dyeing print are all available. Come and create your design!