fleece fabric for T-shirt

Fleece Fabric for T-shirt

Item Nr: KF1458
Composition: Polyester 95% Elastane 5%
Weight: 180g/m2
Width: 175cm/69in
1. soft and warm
2. quite stretchy and keep original
3. llght to wear
4. easy to wick and dry
5. sensitive skin accessible
6. custom printing on it

What is Fleece Fabric?

fleece fabric
It is through the fabric finishing process to achieve the fleece effect. Using the napping machine to make the fabric fluffy. The most common material for fleece is polyester. It is mostly for polar polyester fabric. Usually, fleece fabric can be singly fleeced or double fleeced. Single fleece means one side flat one side fleece. Double fleece means both sides are fleece. This depends on the fabric usage and customers’ needs. Certainly, both can keep warm and reach a softer feeling, which is a good substitute for wool. Besides that, fleece fabric is lighter and softer than wool.

What’s the Fleece Fabric for T-shirts?

single-sided fleece fabric for T-shirt
First of all, the fabric is singly fleeced on the back side. While the front is like a milk silk surface. The fabric itself is jersey fabric. It’s light and thin, fine and smooth. Also, lightweight fleece fabric allows air permeability and perspiration resistance. Fleece finishing improves the warmth and comfort performance. Even in a wet condition, you won’t feel heavy or muggy. It is also skin-friendly to sensitive skin because the microfiber polyester has a milk-silk sense of touch. When you wear the fleece fabric T-shirt, you will feel like you are taking a milk bath. Moreover, polyester elastane fabrics always have good elasticity and retention. So it’s not easy to deform.

What are the Key Points of the Milk Silk Fleece Fabric?

Keep Warm and Comfy

soft and warm fleece fabric
As we discussed before, the fuzz that came through post-treatment gives a quality of insulation. This enables you to stay warm even putting on very few. And you will not feel allergic if wearing fleece clothes. The fabric is tactile enough for the body. You will keep comfortable all day long.

High Stretch and Durable

durable fleece fabric
Both ways of the fleece fabric have a good extension. While the vertical direction has more elongation than the horizontal. And it can recover to the original immediately. That is to say, the fabric can fit your body very well and keep original. So we can say it’s a durable fabric.

Antiperspirant and Odor

polyester elastane fleece fabric
The fleece side seems to build a protective wall for your skin. The moisture outside is easy to absorb by the base fabric and evaporates quickly. While your sweat can soak into the surface and air dry. As a result, your skin keeps clean and dry, your body keeps away from sweat odor.

Light to Wear

soft fleece fabric
Compared with wool, fleece fabric is not that heavy. If you go hiking or running, you will feel relaxed and light-foot with fleece fabric. You will never worry about catching a cold after a morning run. Because the lightweight fleece will keep you as dry and warm as ever. Your body temperature keeps stable.

How can You Get the Fleece Fabric For Your Own?

different colors of fleece fabric

For customization, you can tell us your end-use and consumers’ preference. If you manufacture sweatshirts, we recommend you to do heavier weight of the fleece fabric. Usually between 250gsm to 420gsm. If you manufacture T-shirts or loungewear, 180gsm to 280gsm is suitable. What’s more, you can get custom printing fleece fabric. It mainly adopts sublimation printing. So you can get bright printed patterns. Also, custom double-sided fleece fabric is available. Furthermore, we can provide you with white ground fabric for dyeing. If you want dyed fabric, any Pantone color is ok. So let me know your mind and customize it for you.