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T-shirt fabric Brushed Milk Silk Fabric Polyester 95% Elastane 5% for Sublimation Printing

Item Nr: KF1461
Composition: Polyester 95% Spandex 5%
Weight: 180g/m2
Width: 175cm
1. ultra soft and breathable
2. not see-thorugh
3. high stretch and recovery
4. can direct print
5. high-quality Polyester DTY
6. custom finishing process

Which Material is Good for T-shirts?

stiff and durable polyester T-shirt fabric
As we all know, cotton is a common material for T-shirts. It’s soft and skin-friendly, also it keeps warm. But it is easy to wrinkle and shrink. And it feels sticky when sweating. So many customers consider choosing T-shirt material with better properties. In terms of synthetic fiber, polyester is a suitable material for T-shirt fabric. Modified polyester is breathable and sweat-wicking. Polyester fabric for T-shirts is also washable and easy to care for. Also, it is ideal for sublimation printing. And polyester T-shirt fabric is better to keep shape because it’s stiff and resilient.

What does this T-shirt Fabric look like?

T-shirt fabric milk silk fabric

Wingtex has various polyester T-shirt fabrics. This is brushed milk silk fabric. Combine the technology of brushing with spun yarn, the polyester fabric touches softer and warmer. And we use Polyester DTY(Draw Textured Yarn) to achieve high bursting strength and high modulus. With 5% spandex blended, the fabric is elastic for snag fitting. And this is a single jersey fabric with a fluffy and soft hand feeling. After the finishing process, the single jersey fabric has better hygroscopicity and breathability, which allows the T-shirt fabric to be more comfortable.

What are the Notable Features of Milk Silk T-shirt Fabric?

Soft to Touch

The polyester DTY is 100D/144F, which means there are 144 filaments in a 100D yarn. The yarn is fine and delicate. It gives the fabric soft touch. Also, double brushing finishing enhances the softness, making you feel like touching baby skin. Meanwhile, brushed T-shirt fabric can keep you warm and make you look warm. Thus establishing a gentlemanlike and pleasant profile.
T-shirt fabric single jersey fabric

Breathable and Wicking

The fabric elasticity makes it easy to stretch, so your skin can breathe freely and evenly. You will not feel wet after taking long-time activities. Our T-shirt fabric will help you drive sweat away and keep your skin comfy. In a confined space, the fabric increase airflow and damp heat conversion. Your T-shirt will air-dry quickly at room temperature. That’s an excellent experience.

Easy to Sublimation Print

T-shirt fabric for sublimation printing
Polyester fabric is ideal for sublimation printing because it’s hydrophobic. It means the fabric can repel water molecules, allowing the print better attach to the base. Also, polyester has a good performance of setting. After pre-set, the fabric has a stiff and fluffy shape. It can keep original even after washing many times, which makes the T-shirt fabric long-lasting.

What can You Customize for this T-shirt Fabric?

white T-shirt fabric for sublimation printing
In terms of this polyester spandex jersey fabric, it has had a brushed look and milk silk feel. It can be directly for sewing T-shirts and not see-through. Also, you can directly print on it. If you want other colors, you can dye with the non-brushing polyester ground fabric. And treat the dyed fabric with the brushing process. To reach a warmer effect, you can customize fleece fabric. It is perfect for autumn and spring outfit. For the raw material of T-shirt fabric , you can choose recycled polyester yarn, it has the same performance as polyester yarn but is less soft. While recycled fabric will be a selling point for your brand, attracting more consumers to be environmentalists.