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Shaper Power Mesh Fabric 81 Nylon 19 Spandex

Item Nr: NS007
Composition: Nylon 81% Spandex 19%
Weight: 185g/m2
Width: 59/60"
1. breathable and wicking
2. high bursting strength
3. shape body curve
4. high pressure and compression
5. high density mesh, not see-through
6. high modulus, high resistance


Find the detailed info of our shaper power mesh fabric below the table…

Product Description

Shaper Power Mesh Fabric 81 Nylon 19 Spandex

Mesh Type high density brick mesh Characteristics &


Strong and durable mesh
Yarn Count N70/24SE280 Stretch mesh
Knitting Type Warp Knitting Tight-knitting
Gloss Semi-dull High modulus and restraint
Machine 32gg High shaping level
Colors Burnt Orange; Amber; Maroon; Friar Brown; Beige
Usage Corset; body shaper; fajas; waist trainer; bodysuit
Customization Custom content such as 50% nylon 50% spandex
Stretch level and compression level
Custom your color according to Pantone card
The function you need during finishing process
Weight and width,midium weight around 180-200gsm, heavyweight around 300gsm

details of shaper power mesh fabric
colors of power mesh fabric
As shown in the pictures, we have colors in stock. They are common to use on shapewear. Also, match your skin tones. This shaper power mesh fabric is stretching to fit your body control. It’s smooth and skin-friendly and can be close to your skin. The semi-dull treatment gives it a slimmer view. Let the tummy hide easily. Also, the colors make the fabric not see-through so it allows to make bodysuits.

Shaper Power Mesh Fabric Property and Purpose

function of shaper power mesh
property and purpose of nylon spandex power mesh

In detail, the fabric can be the main material or the accessory for shapewear. To play the main role, it must be easy to cut and not curling. The power mesh did it! It is still in a good shape after cutting. Only need to edge it with a layer of fabric. It’s easy to work with. On the other hand, it’s a good material to combine with plain fabric. Some parts of shapewear need to be breathable, especially the butt. So the fabric must be breathable for long-time sitting. The mesh fabric did it! Let your body shaper sweat-wicking!

Certification of Wingtex Textile

wingtex OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 certificate

wingtex GRS certificate
You can be confident with wingtex products. We get OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 certified. It guarantees the safety from raw material to finished products, also including semi-finished products and accessories. For example, certified fabrics are safe for the human body from yarn to fabric, dye to print. To be responsible for your health.
By the way, “recycle” has been a top word in recent years. “recycled yarn” or “recycled fabric” has already been a trend. Wingtex follows the step of the green concept. We have been doing recycle polyester fabric since 2018. Later we began to release recycled nylon. Our recycled fabric has obtained a GRS certificate. We purchase recycled yarn from GRS certified factory. Make sure the fabric is eco-friendly.

About Us

Below you can see our sample room for hangers and rolls. Usually, we offer samples in A4 size or 1 yard. This helps you check the quality before bulk order. Next is our factory, 100 circular knitting machines, and 20 tricot machines, efficiently to work with. After finishing, our workers will roll it up and pack it with clear plastic bags. You can see our warehouse below.
Besides this, wingtex also has a team for e-commerce. Take the good advantage of the website, and build up confidence for the relationship between customers and us. We are always honest with customers, and produce fabric as agreement. Before COVID-19,  we went abroad to participate in the exhibition every year. We hope more and more people know wingtex!
wingtex factory
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For this shaper power mesh fabric, if you have other questions, please leave messages to us!