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Wingtex 82 Nylon 18 Spandex Printed Swimwear Fabric

Item Nr: NS036
Composition: Nylon 82% Spandex 18%
Weight: 190-210g/m2
Width: 59"
1. vibrant and stylish
2. comfortable and soft
3. dry fit and moisture-wicking
4. eye-catching and unique
5. high-quality printing


printed swimwear fabric bannerWhat is Printed Swimwear Fabric?

Printed swimwear fabric refers to a fabric that manufacturers use to make swimsuits. Materials such as polyester or nylon can generally be made of it. It is soft, comfortable, waterproof, and durable. In particular, UV resistance. Printed swimwear fabric is popular. These prints can make your swimsuit more fashionable. It also reflects your level of personalization.

At the same time, It can make various types of swimsuits. Such as bikinis, one-piece swimsuits, swimming trunks, etc. We can see them in different situations. Such as beaches and swimming pools. Different prints and design styles can also reflect different fashion trends and cultural backgrounds. It makes you look different in the water. You might be curious when you hear this. What kind of swimwear fabric is so magical?printing swimwear suit

The Designs and Patterns of Printed Swimwear Fabric

Speaking of printed swimwear fabric. Printed design and pattern are undoubtedly very important. They give the swimsuit its unique personality and sense of style. Of course, print designs can vary. There are simple geometric shapes or floral patterns. There are cute animal patterns or abstract art elements. It shows your creativity and imagination. In the wind and rain, printed swimwear fabric is waiting for you.

In short. Printed designs and patterns add infinite possibilities to your swimwear. They don’t just adorn you. It expresses your personality and fashion attitude. Choose the right print design and pattern. And let your users show their unique style. It makes your users stand out in a crowd. Oh my God!pattern of printed swimwear fabric


If you have a swimwear-making business. When choosing a fabric manufacturer. Its fabric quality and printing technology are very vital.

This brings us to wingtex. We are a fabric manufacturer with more than 20 years of experience. With high-quality fabric and printing technology. The print you choose will be perfectly reflected on the fabric here.

It is worth mentioning that we solved the problem of printing uncovering the white. Avoid embarrassing moments for your users. Unbelievable! You might doubt whether this is true or not. Are you just boasting about yourselves?NO!design literacy

We have strict control over the color difference of the fabric.

First of all, we confirm the small color sample with the customer. After the small color sample is confirmed. Our company takes the confirmed small color sample as the standard when making the head cylinder. And makes it regarding the customer’s comments and the original direction. We will have a cylinder difference table to paste all the large cargo of the same color size together to control the color. During production, we will sample at least three times to compare. To ensure that the color difference is kept to a minimum. You can come to me with any questions you have. And we will provide solutions to the best of our ability.fabric information

Don’t you trust us for being so responsible? Contact us now!

Others wait for love while guarding information. But I hold my phone waiting for inquiries. Even if I can’t wait for a day or two. I won’t feel anxious because I know I will eventually hear from you.contact us