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Wingtex Shiny Spandex Tricot Fabric for Swimwear

Item Nr: NS031
Composition: Nylon 82% Spandex 18%
Weight: 180g/m2
Width: 59"
1. shiny and glossy effect
2. soft and comfortable hand feel
3. skin-friendly
4. high color fastness
5. bright and vivid colors

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What is Shiny Spandex?

Shiny spandex is a fiber material that possesses a glossy and lustrous effect. Thanks to its unique texture that gives it a bright and smooth appearance. It is made by blending spandex fibers with materials such as glitter flakes or metallic threads. Its characteristics are softness, elasticity, and the ability to reflect light. So it will sparkle and shine when exposed to sunlight.

Imagine yourself on a sunny beach. You, look beautiful, wearing a shiny spandex swimsuit. Your beauty shines brighter than the sun, captivating everyone around you. So it is often used to make swimsuits and so on.

Of course, it has a wide range of applications. It can make garments and decorations more attractive and thus become different.shiny spandex ns031

What is Special about Shiny Spandex?

Speaking of special, of course, talk about its glitter effect! Normal fabrics don’t have the shiny effect of shiny spandex. This fabric appears as if it is illuminated by a spotlight, sparkling with captivating radiance, giving a sense of luxury and sophistication.

The properties of spandex are soft and elastic. Shiny spandex naturally possesses the excellent qualities of spandex. This makes the swimsuit comfortable. And it has good stretchability. This makes it more cozy for you to wear the swimwear made from it.

At the same time, it has a unique visual effect. The magic is! Under different lighting conditions, it will show different visual effects. So that you can show a charming light on different occasions.

What’s more, not only can it make you shine, but it can also make you feel comfortable. Shiny spandex is a special and popular choice whether you want to catch the eye or add a sense of style.blue nylon spandex fabric with model

Wingtex Shiny Fabric

Walk by and don’t miss it. Wingtex’s shiny spandex gives you a fresh look. Our fabric is extremely relaxing and aesthetically pleasing. Moreover, It also adds an anti-UV function. Its excellent sunscreen properties can effectively block the damage of ultraviolet rays. This is important if you spend a lot of time playing or swimming in the sun.high stretch fabric breathabe spandex fabric spandex fabric quality assurance shiny spandex details ns031 fabric usage

Our high-quality fabrics allow you to showcase your style and taste, exuding confidence and charm on the pool or beach.

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