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Metallic Fabric Silver Shiny Foil Print Spandex Fabric

Item Nr: KF1560
Composition: Polyester 92% Spandex 8%
Yarn Count: 40D Weight: 170g/m2
Width: 59/61"
1. durable holographic foil print finish
2. shiny and reflective
3. stretch fabric for body-fitting clothing
4. no fading and easy to wash
5. milk silk hand feeling for background
6. wicking and quick drying

When you think of the 2023 fashion trend, which idea do you come up with? Some stylists think metallics will be one of them. It has a wide range of applications such as costumes, swimsuits, leggings, and dresses. Besides, the metallic fabric will be a good choice for decorations. We know they are shiny, bright, and eye-catching. So any clothing with this material will be attractive and energetic.

Metallic Fabric for Swimwear

metallic fabric for swimwear
A metallic surface will make a deep impression on others. Imagine when you launch new products and display them on your website, the metallic style can grab people’s attention quickly. In terms of making swimsuits, our metallic fabric has the advantage of high stretch and recovery, good hand feeling, and high density. 8% spandex yarn enables right tightness. The holographic finish creates a reflective effect, thus making a gorgeous look.

Hologram Metallic Fabric for Dancewear

metallic fabric for dancewear
The dazzling material will be more remarkable under the stage lights. More than dance costumes, glossy hologram fabrics are suitable for most performance clothing. For example gymnastic leotards. Our metallic fabric, especially the silver color is popular among customers. Also, have other color options below. Including 2023 popular colors: Digital Lavender; Sundial; Luscious Red; Tranquil Blue; Verdigris. You can also customize the snake print, dot print, shattered glass, and other pattern designs.
hologram metallic fabric 2023 popular color
metallic fabric foil print design

Metallic Fabric for Pants

metallic fabric for pants
During spring, people prefer to wear outfits in bright colors. It is supposed to be energetic and lively. With the metallics, the collections will be more stylish. So you can add some pop elements to your project. No matter for pants, also some fashion items like handbags, hair bands, leggings, and tops are good finished products for metallic fabric. We put the function into consideration. For example, we use polyester spandex milk silk fabric for the background. It’s good for close-fitting and will be wicking for athletic wear. Don’t hesitate!

Fabric Details

polyester spandex fabric foil print metallic fabric
As you can see in the pictures, the metallic fabric is reflective shiny with high quality holographic foil print. The technique makes the foil durable and natural. Besides, the back is tight-knitting selective fabric. We also use a pre-dyed process to make sure the fabric is not see-through when stretching. On the other hand, the hot stamping can penetrate with background very well. Can’t wait to see the finished effect! Will be amazing!
Look forward to seeing your new collection with wingtex metallic fabric!

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