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Wingtex Metallic Lurex Fabric Sparkle Nylon Spandex Shimmer Fabric

Item Nr: H-104
Composition: Nylon 50% Lurex 45% Spandex 5%
Weight: 220g/m2
Width: 62/63"
1. sparkle nylon spandex
2. lurex yarn metallic
3. glitter stretch fabric
4. good recovery
5. multiple colors
6. breathable and comfortable

Let’s see some details of the gorgeous shimmer fabric

Product Description

Metallic Nylon Spandex Lurex Shimmer Fabric

Advantage 45% lurex yarn Main Features high stretch
Stretch Level Over Twice than original glitter shiny silver yarn
Basic Fabric polyamide elastane rib knit fabric rib fabric for the base
Appearance Single Jersey, lurex jersey fabric breathable and wicking
Size Level Suitable for any size drape well
Popular Colors Klein blue; purple; silver; blackish green; rose-red; orange; gold; etc.
Fabric Usage women’s dresses; gown; blouse; dance top; dance pants; leggings; Christmas fabric; swimwear; activewear
Wingtex Service for Shimmer Fabric There are 6 different styles of this shimmer fabric ready to ship.
Custom base fabric such as 1*1 rib; 2*2 rib; 2*1 rib; single jersey nylon spandex and polyester spandex
Color Swatch Available; more than 20 colors for each design
MOQ 1 yard for ready-to-ship color and custom color
Custom lurex metallic yarn including silver dot; metallic thread; sparkle silver yarn

shimmer fabric for evening gown
lurex metallic fabric

There are several designs for the shimmer fabric. Regarding basic material, we have 3 kinds of rib fabric; 1 twill fabric; 2 jersey fabrics. As far as the metallic lurex yarn, it appears as shiny dots; threads. They are wrapped with nylon and spandex, giving the fabric a shiny look. The shimmer fabric also brings a rough feeling and a luxurious texture. Besides making dresses, it also applies to blouses, and suits which are close to Chanel Style.
other designs

Metallic Lurex Shimmer Fabric Usage

For different weights, it’s in different usage. For example,160gsm shimmer fabric is for dancewear, swimwear, and bodycon dress. While 230-280gsm are for evening gowns, leggings, pants, and shirts. And the heavyweight like 380gsm is suitable for suits, scarves, autumn winter dresses, and skirts. A stretchy shimmer fabric like this is also suitable for athleisure or stylish sportswear. Of course, its use is not limited to clothing, the glitter stretch fabric is also for Christmas decorations, fashion bags, or home decorations.
shimmer fabric for dress

Product Certificate

latest OEKO-TEX certificate
We all know that OEKO-TEX is the authoritative certification for textile safety. It ensures that the textile can come into direct contact with the skin, leaving no residue of harmful substances. Greatly improves people’s trust in the product. We have applied STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX for our products since our inception. And obtained the corresponding certification. Consistently ensure that textiles are OEKO-TEX compliant from raw material to finished product.
latest GRS certificate
While we know GRS certification is difficult, a sense of responsibility led us to choose to move forward. In recent years, our company has successively certified a batch of recycled polyester spandex fabrics and recycled nylon spandex fabrics. It not only meets the needs of buyers but more importantly, allows both parties to contribute to the cause of environmental protection and promote the development of the circular economy.

Why Wingtex?

In the post-epidemic era, maintaining the original intention is invaluable. We always adhere to the principle of excellent quality and reasonable price and provide customers with high-quality spandex knitted fabrics. Here are some great benefits for you:

  • Source factory, traceable quality
  • Multiple advanced equipments, high production capacity
  • Closed-loop management, from production to inspection, ensures quality
  • Support multiple inspection standards (American standard, European standard, Japanese standard)
  • Custom colors, prints, and various finishes (brushed, lamination; antibacterial, aroma…)
  • Professional product recommendation and sample analysis
  • Free color card and sample
  • Real-time tracking of order production and subsequent logistics information
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