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Foil Print Fabric Polyester Elastane for Leggings

Item Nr: PS108
Composition: Polyester 73% Spandex 27% / Polyester 82% Spandex 18%
Weight: 210-250g/m2
Width: 145-148cm/57-58in
1. glitter foil print
2. simulation leather effect
3. 4 way stretch
4. quality ground fabric
5. available printed patterns

What is Foil Print Fabric?

shiny foil print fabric
Foil print is a process by foil machine with hot stamping. The hot stamping process is under a high temperature and pressure. Through heat transfer, we treat the ground fabric with foil print and form a special metallic effect. That’s foil print fabric. What to mention is that foil print refers to a general term for a process, not mean the hot stamping color is just gold. There are also other styles including silver foil print, laser color print, floral print, and so on.

What is Wingtex Foil Print Fabric?

foil print fabric show
As described above, not only gold foil print fabric but also laser sliver, laser black, etc. The fabric print patterns include shattered glass, serpentine, snakeskin, mermaid scale, etc. The inspiration is from nature and life, like broken glasses or animals’ appearance. You will come up with an idea. That’s the source of creation and innovation. After all, the beauty you found in animals deserves to copy, to be a reference for fashion. And there is no infringement or offense for design. The only thing we can do is be grateful for nature.

What are the Details of Foil Print Fabric?

Faux Leather Effect

foil print fabric for faux leather leggings
The holographic foil print fabric has an excellent faux leather effect, especially laser sliver and laser black. They can refract rainbow colors from the sun. While the colored serpentine foil print has the same ornate effect itself. You can imagine how fabulous the upper body effect is. Besides, some foil print is not very shiny but looks like leather, also touches like leather. Therefore, the foil print fabric is common for sewing faux leather leggings.

4 Way Stretch

foil print fabric with silver black shattered glass
For leggings, the elasticity of the fabric must be excellent. While the polyester elastane foil print fabric meets the standard. It both has a certain elongation and good recovery. And in 4 ways are all stretchable and resilient. By the way, according to the amount of spandex(elastane) content, the modulus(the force required to stretch the fabric) is different. The more spandex, the more force is required. And leggings fabrics are always in high modulus so that they can achieve a high compression level. Thus having an ideal restraint.

What can Wingtex Do for You?

color swatch of wingtex foil print fabric
For foil print fabric, there are about 30 available patterns for you to choose from. Each style has different colors. There is also various gloss of the foil print fabric. Glossy or not very glossy, you can get both. The ground fabric is polyester spandex, besides color and pattern, you can also custom the ground fabric. By the way, the color of the ground fabric depends on the foil print color. Generally, they are the same, black background to black print, red ground to red print. But still have some differences. For example, light blue ground fabric corresponds with a silver foil print. So the colors are often light to light, dark to dark. You will get ground fabric fit for your pattern. Come and apply your design!
purple background to purple foil print

purple to colored

light blue background to sliver print

Note: Please understand that some foil print patterns will fade away after washing often. That is normal.