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Wingtex Hot Sales Nylon Spandex Material for Sportswear

Item Nr: NS110
Composition: Nylon 75% Spandex 25%
Weight: 220g/m2
Width: 59"
1. breathable and wicking
2. lightweight
3. high fastness
4. elasticity and stretch
5. drain sweat and dry quickly
6. moisture absorption

nylon spandex fabric for sportswear bannerWhat is Nylon Spandex Material?

Speaking of nylon spandex material you may have questions, what is nylon spandex material? This has to mention its history.

In 1935, Wallace Carothers, a chemist at DuPont, discovered nylon fibers. Then he patented the nylon fiber in 1935. Otherwise, nylon fiber was the first synthetic fiber with outstanding strength and durability. That’s unbelievable!

In 1959, Courtaulds, the British company, developed spandex fiber. That’s amazing! Spandex is a kind of synthetic fiber with high elasticity. So the elastic and flexible properties of spandex make it ideal for sportswear areas.

In the 1960s, nylon and spandex fibers began to blend to form nylon spandex fabrics. Therefore, it is strong and flexible at the same time. So It became an ideal sportswear fabric.

Wingtex Nylon Spandex Material for Sportswear

Wingtex nylon spandex material has many advantages. Let’s move on!

Fast drying: Due to the fast drying properties, nylon spandex fabrics for sportswear can quickly drain sweat. It can efficiently get rid of moisture. So you don’t feel sticky or damp during your workout. Therefore, quick drying is great for outdoor activities or hot environments!

Lightweight: Nylon spandex fabrics are usually very lightweight. So it can make sportswear more cozy. And also does not add additional burden to the sportsman. Gives you a fresh and natural feeling.

Good dyeing performance: Nylon spandex fabrics can be easily dyed. So sportswear can come in a variety of bright colors and designs. Our fabrics create a unique fashion style for you!  It instantly transforms you into a fashionable person.

The advantages of nylon spandex fabric make it an ideal choice for sportswear.product features application of nylon spandex fabric colors card


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