Wingtex Recycled Polyester Spandex Brushed Microfiber Fabric

Item Nr: PS450G
Composition:88%Polyester 12%Spandex
Weight: 175g/m2
Width: 150cm
1. soft and warm
2. brushed and warm
3. high grade color fastness
4. ready to ship color card free for reference


Introduction of Recycled Polyester Spandex Brushed Microfiber Fabric

brushed microfiber fabric
This kind of brushed microfiber fabric is supersoft and comfortable. It is made of recycled yarn. It’s also warm and antibacterial. It’s suitable for making underwear,leggings and activewear.

Features of This Brushed Microfiber Fabric

Super Soft and Comfortable

soft and comfortable brushed fabric
This fabric gives you quite soft and smooth handfeeling like touching baby’s face. It’s also very skin-friendly and has good fabric drape. If you make garments with this super soft fabric, it will give you big surprise and pleasure because of its extreme comfort.

Superfine and Breathable

breathable brushed microfiber fabric
We choose microfiber spinning. So the fabric is made of superfine yarn. It has clear and fine texture which makes the fabric delicate. Also, when we stretch the fabric,there wll be some micro vents which makes the fabric breathable. It’s a better choice for making underwear and leggings.

Super High Stretch and Anti Pilling

4 way high stretch brushed microfiber fabric
no pilling
It’s 4 way stretch. And we can stretch it to twice its the original length and recover to the original. Meanwhile, no matter how we rub this fabric, it won’t pilling or deform. It’s just the same as ever. So this fabric has long service life.

Warm and Antibacterial

Warm Brushed Fabric
antibacterial effect
During post set, we use the latest technology for special processing of fabrics. For example, we use the heating principle to ensure the warmth of this fabric. Meanwhile, we added antibacterial agents to ensure it’s skin-freindly. So this fabric is suitable for various skins.

Moisture Wicking

moisture wicking brushed microfiber fabric
We tested the moisture absorption of the fabric. First, we dropped water on the fabric, it quickly absorbed and spread. After 30 minutes, it was almost dry. Similarly, it can also absorb sweat and evaporate quickly to recover to a dry state. So it’s suitable for making activewear.

Recycled Fabric

recycled polyester and spandex
This fabric is made of recycled yarn including recycled polyester and recycled spandex. It’s very environmental friendly and recyclable. It corresponds to the concept of sustainable development. Also, it can promote circular development of fashion economy.

Color Card

PS450G Color Card
This is our color card. We have different kinds of colors for you to choose from. Besides, we can customize the color you need. We promise to customer first. We will provide you with patient and meticulous services during pre-sale, in-sale and afer-sale.

Garment Display of This Brushed Microfiber Fabric

Brushed Microfiber Application
The fabric is versatile. It has many applications in the field of clothing. It’s not only suitable for making leggings, but also fit for underwear and activewear. Why do the fabric have wide usage? Because it’s a multifunctional fabric.

Certification of This Brushed Microfiber Fabric

GRS certification
OEKO-TEX certification
fabric test report
Our fabric has passed GRS certification and OEKO-TEX certification. And we have test reports of the fabric function. We promise our raw material and our fabric function meet the international standards. In addition, we use International 4 point Inspection System standard to check every meter. We can guarantee every meter we shipped is qualified.

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