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Spandex, also known as Lycra or elastane, is a synthetic fiber commonly used in fabric blends. It is highly elastic and provides stretchability to the fabric. Spandex fabric is a popular choice due to its advantages and versatility. Advantages of Spandex Fabric Elasticity and Comfort: Spandex fabric for underwear offers excellent elasticity, providing a comfortable and snug […]

Contents: What Material is Spandex Fabric Made of? What’s benifit of Spandex Fabric? Is Spandex Fabric Natural or Synthetic? What are the Advantages of Spandex Fabric? Is Spandex Fabric Good Material? How is Spandex Fabric made? What is Spandex Fabric Used for? How do Labs Test Spandex Fabric? How do You Care for Spandex Fabric? […]