Hanoi Tex 2023
From Oct 25-27th, we participated in the Hanoi Fabric Expo. For the Vietnam market, we have been devoted for 10 years and built a long-term relationship with local customers. Every year we take part in local exhibitions about fabrics. And we have visited our customers so many times. As the textile industry gradually transfers to Vietnam, we hope to make a difference in Vietnam’s textile market.

Exhibition Moments of Hanoi Fabric Expo

Hanoi Fabric Expo Wingtex Textile moment
recommend fabric to visitors
We met many new friends at the Hanoi Fabric Expo. Every time a visitor asked for his requirements we showed our fabric samples to them. Also, it was very convenient for them to know about every fabric. There are labels on each hanger marking fabric specification. At the same time, we introduced each fabric in detail. Some visitors asked questions about the fabric usage and property. Some asked for new technology or processes for activewear fabric and underwear fabric. According to customers’ needs, we recommended a series of fabrics for options from materials to knitting type. Like polyester spandex interlock fabric/single jersey fabric, nylon spandex interlock fabric/single jersey fabric. Many visitors listened with deep interest. The customers who showed great interest stayed there for some time to communicate with us about the fabrics. Very grateful for their patience!
introduce fabrics to visitors

Our Booth

Hanoi Textile Expo Wingtex Booth
talk with visitors
Here you can see our stand at Hanoi Fabric Expo, including our main items hangers, color cards, some clothing to show applications, posters about our main series, and certificates. In detail, there were fabric samples for sportswear, swimwear, yoga wear, and underwear. Like double interlock fabric, 4-way stretch fabric, brushed fabric, and powernet fabric. And the certifications suggested Wingtex is SGS verified, OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100. To be a trusted supplier, we have assurance for products and services. Although the display is simple, it’s complete. Many visitors came to our booth and took samples back. Some customers left the fabric they needed so we could customize it for her after the exhibition. Thanks to their trust, we established friendships and we hope to be a stable supplier for them. So we can always see creative designs to be realized by our fabric. That’s fantastic!

After Hanoi Fabric Expo

For the time limit, we made appointments with our regular clients and some new clients nearby. We took samples and had conversations with every one of our clients. Very thanks for their kindness. We felt the Vietnam market has very potential. And we will be more confident to seek development and cooperation here. When we went back to China, we received many friends’ greetings. We believe we are not only partners but also friends. By the way, we also received customers’ feedback on samples. Very appreciated! Some friends also need continuous order. So we arranged production as soon as we came back. We cherish every opportunity to work with our customers. And we are expected to establish long-term friendships with every customer. Thanks again to the Hanoi Fabric Expo!

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