Introduction of Recycled Polyester Fabric

As a substitute and complement of virgin polyester fabric, we use recycled polyester widely in various fields. In response to diversified and differentiated customer needs, recycled polyester fabric can take good advantage of itself. It meets the market segmentation demand that virgin polyester fabric cannot cover. Specifically, recycled polyester fabric mainly has four advantages. The reference is as follows.

Price Advantage of Recycled Polyester Fabric

The initial competitive strategy of recycled polyester fabric is to win customers and the market at a more favorable price. Meanwhile, we ensure that the quality is close to the standard of virgin polyester fabric. Here is the price comparison between recycled polyester fabric and virgin polyester fabric.
From 2017 to 2019, The annual price of virgin polyester (1.4 D) were 8,291.84 yuan/ton, 9,379.45 yuan/ton and 7,936.45 yuan/ton.The prices of recycled polyester (1.5 D) were respectively 7,33.00 yuan/ton, 8,563.67 yuan/ton and 7,406.84 yuan/ton. The average annual price difference between virgin polyester and recycled polyester was 958.84 yuan/ton, 815.79 yuan/ton and 529.61 yuan/ton.The data is decreasing year by year. Although the average price difference has narrowed, for some industries that are more cost-sensitive, the relative price advantage of recycled polyester fabric can significantly increase its profitability.
For example, we mainly use recycled polyester staple fabric in the spinning industry. The main listed companies involved in the spinning business (Huafu Fashion, Xinye Textile, Huamao, Fengzhu Textile, etc.), the average gross profit margin of the spinning business from 2016 to 2018 was 14.74%, 15.54% and 16 . 39%. There is little room for gross profit margin.The direct material cost accounts for about 70% of the cost of the finished product. These are highly cost-sensitive industries. The relative price advantage of recycled polyester fabric can strongly attract these customers.

Color advantage of Recycled Polyester Fabric

colorhigh color fastness recycled polyester fabric
Based on the basic color of recycled PET raw materials, we can add recycled polyester fabric with a compensating masterbatch. This can achieve a uniform and stable melt color through the dope coloring process. Compared with the original polyester fabric, it not only avoids the subsequent printing and dyeing process with more serious pollution. Moreover, the color fastness produced by the coloring of the dope is better than that of the virgin polyester fabric. At the same time, the cost of adding color is also more cost-effective. Therefore, recycled polyester fabric has certain quality and cost advantages for customers who have high requirements for color variety, color fastness, and color difference.

Provide small batch orders or customized services

Due to the difference in production process and raw material composition, we generally produced virgin polyester fabric in large quantities of conventional varieties.Usually the overall production capacity is up to one million tons. The production capacity of a single production line is generally more than 100,000 tons.While the total production capacity of recycled polyester fabric production lines is only about 170,000 tons. The average production capacity of a single production line is only about 12,000 tons. Therefore, recycled polyester fabric can easily achieve a single batch of small-scale customized production. According to statistics, there are more than 100 colors of recycled polyester fabric products and more than 4,000 specifications and models. Compared with virgin polyester fabric, recycled polyester fabric products can better meet the differentiated needs of customers. In other words, recycled polyester fabric can meet customers’ customized requirements for product specifications, colors, and functionality.

Environmental protection and green concept

GRSenvironmental friendly
The application of recycled polyester fabric solves the problem of waste PET treatment. And it also reduces the pollution emissions of virgin polyester during the production process. It is one of the representative products of circular economy. Our country has successively issued a number of industrial policies to support the construction of recycled fabric. Some well-known international companies have also begun to increase the use of recycled polyester fabric in their products.With the promotion of national environmental protection policies, people gradually realize low-carbon environmental protection and recycling concepts. Therefore, recycled polyester fabric can inject environmental protection and green concepts into application products. Thereby enhancing the brand image of application products.
The above advantages are the main reasons why customers choose recycled polyester fabric. Although the performance of recycled polyester fabric is slightly different from that of virgin polyester fabric, it still has obvious advantages in terms of price, color, small batch customization, and environmental protection and green concepts. It is commercially reasonable for customers to choose recycled polyester fabric.

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Note:The price data comes from the Internet.