• stiffening 100% polyester fabric
  • 100% polyester fabric 160-180gsm
  • flat and smooth surface of 100% polyester fabric

100% Polyester Fabric for T-shirt Sublimation Blank Fabric

Item Nr: P108
Composition: Polyester 100%
Weight: 160-180g/m2
Width: 150cm
1. wrinkle resistant
2. hold shape and stylish
3. can achieve accurate print
4. slight stretch
5. microfiber polyester to get better hand feel
6. raw white and bleach white available

What is 100% Polyester Fabric?

slightly stretchy 100% polyester fabric
100% polyester fabric: made of 100% polyester yarn. In terms of knitting fabrics: 100 polyester fabric includes tricot and circular knitting. The 100 polyester circular knitting fabric is 4-way stretchy while the tricot is two-way stretchy. Without spandex blended, 100 polyester fabric is slightly stretchy. And it is durable and strong. The fabric surface is smooth and flat, and easy to print. However, it also has disadvantages. It has less air permeability and is not very skin-friendly. So it often needs to do post finishing to improve the hand feel and performance.

Why Wingtex 100% Polyester Fabric for T-shirts?

100% polyester fabric 160-180gsm

Wingtex adopted microfiber polyester yarn to knit the fabric. Thus turning the hand feeling better and allowing the fabric to be moisture-wicking. This is necessary for T-shirts. When it comes to caring, 100 polyester fabric can be machine washed and not shrink. Of course, it’s wrinkle-resistant so you don’t need to iron it after washing or wearing it. After all, an ordinary T-shirt is for daily wear and does not take time to care for. Thus creating a simple life. And this fabric is weft knitting which means it has a nice stretch vertically. So it’s easy to fit your body. Also, our 100% polyester fabric is wear-resistant and sturdy. It is a benefit for long-lasting sublimation printing.

What are the Basic Features of White 100% Polyester Fabric?

Enable Firm Printing

flat and smooth surface of 100% polyester fabric
The white polyester ground fabric is easy to dye and print. There are tiny holes between the yarns, allowing the ink to permeate into them. Take sublimation print as an example, the printed paper can perfectly heat transfer to the ground fabric through these tiny holes at 210℃.

Increase Air Flowing

100% polyester fabric with better hand feel
Through the circular knitting machine, the microfiber polyester yarn spun with each other. You can see the weeny holes among the yarns. They get the sweat out of your body and create a dry and clean condition. Thus making your skin breathe freely and keeping your skin away from irritating to itchy.

No Wrinkle after Washing

micorfiber 100% polyester fabric
You will find your T-shirt wrinkled after washing and drying. Maybe you wear a cotton T-shirt which is easy to wrinkle. While polyester is less soft than cotton but more wrinkle-resistant than it. So you don’t worry about the durability. 100% polyester fabric is quite a solution for you.

Stiffen and Stylish

100% polyester fabric for cycling wear
Some T-shirts look squashy and do not support your body well. It makes you not in spirit enough. 100 Polyester T-shirt fabric avoids this because polyester is a stiffening material that can hold up your body well. Thus giving a quality shape for the T-shirt and enhancing a stylish and formal look.

What can Wingtex Supply for You?

polyester sublimation blank fabric for T-shirt
In terms of polyester fabric for T-shirts, wingtex supplies white ground fabrics for ready-to-ship. If you need blank fabrics for sublimation printing, that will be your best choice. There are different weights for sublimation blank fabric which is from 160gsm to 180gsm. The base fabric is raw white and bleached white. You can choose either or both. Meanwhile, you can choose to print or dye on the white fabric. Just send us your pictures for printing or colors for dyeing. After manufacturing, you will get finely printed fabrics with clear images or dyed fabric with even color. Let’s explore the unknown of fashion together!