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Custom Printed Spandex Fabric Abstract Design Polyester Nylon Lycra Swimsuit Fabric Wholesale

Item Nr: KF1593
Composition: Nylon 42% Polyester 42% Spandex 16%
Weight: 280g/m2
Width: 59/61"
1. durable and stretch
2. W/R and quick dry
3. thick and not see-through
4. high quality print method
5. Custom your pattern
6. good raw yarn blended

Printed Spandex Fabric for Swimsuit

soft spandex
double faced printed
smooth texture
double printed fabric for dancewear
printed spandex fabric for burkini

Different from normal printed spandex fabric, the abstract swim fabric is double-sided printed with different processes. One side is digital printing, the other is embossing. It’s good for long-lasting use. And you don’t worry about the see-through situations, thus ideal for burqini. In addition, the double-print design is perfect for two-sided wearing. So this double-printed fabric can bring swimwear more possibilities. Also, it brings designer creativity.

Noted: Photos by Cambra and phone are different. Just be relaxed.

Properties of the Printed Spandex Fabric

1. stretch well without see-through
elastic fabric
double side printed spandex fabric

As the picture says: when you test the elasticity you will also find the yarns are still close to each other. It has a superfine texture. That is to say, no matter how high the modulus we use, it remains a good condition. Thanks to the pre-dyed process, the printed spandex fabric never shows white after stretching. Never see through either.

2. water repellent and fast dry
water repellent fabric
both printing spandex fabric

This fabric combines the excellent properties of polyester, polyamide, and spandex. They are all hydrophobic fibers, to let water flow away quickly and dry the swimsuits fast. So the quick dry printed spandex fabric is quite fit for swimwear material such as board shorts, and swimsuits. Both for men and women. From the following video, you can see both sides are water-repellent.

3. no curling and high compression
stretch fabric printed
marble texture abstract design swim fabric
abstract design fabric for leggings

Some spandex fabrics tend to curl after stretching very often. While this fabric doesn’t have such concerns. It’s thicker and more durable than the common. So it also provides high compression and coverage for swimwear. Of course, you can apply the compression fabric for leggings. That’s also a perfect option. By the way, it’s a 4-way stretch, not that tight for activewear.

4. soft and silky hand feeling
soft printed spandex fabric for swimwear
swimwear material

The fabric texture is super good. We use microfiber yarns to knit the fabric. The print blends perfectly with the base fabric. Thus creating a natural and smooth printed surface. Also, the abstract effect is achieved by digital printing, a modern printing method to realize precise positioning. Any abstract painting is perfect to print on the fabric. Is that a re-creation of art?

Other Usage of the Abstract Swim Fabric

printed fabric for dancewear
printed spandex fabric for dancewear
polyester nylon spandex fabric printed for fashionable dress
knitted fabric for fashion

Sorts of dancewear are abstract designs 100% or combined with plain color, also including gymnastic leotards. Dance is a kind of art, also gymnastics. When incorporating other artistic elements, will make a big difference. No matter the abstract or concrete design, they are the icing on the cake. Furthermore, you can associate the printed spandex fabric with a fashionable dress. Including tops, leggings, shirts, and bodycon dresses. Nowadays spandex fabric is also popular for knitted fashion, not only for swimsuits and leggings.

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UPF50+ Certificate

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