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Lining Fabric Wholesale 100% Polyester Swimsuit Lining Fabric

Item Nr: P068
Composition: 100% Polyester
Width: 155cm
1. light and breathable
2. supporting and stretchy
3. soft and skincare
4. comfortable and durable
5. multi colors for ready to ship

Why Lining Fabric Necessary?

Some garments are see-through or not very comfortable for close-fitting wear. Some garments like skirts need to be anti-glare especially when squatting or exercising. So clothing lining fabric is necessary for activities and daily wear, giving you relaxation and comfort all the time. One of the common lining fabrics is polyester lining fabric. Not only for swimsuit lining but also for activewear, bras, etc.

Main Features of Polyester Lining Fabric

  • Lightweight and breathable

smooth and breathable polyester lining fabric

  • Stretchy and support for the body
  • Soft and skincare

ultra soft polyester lining fabric

  • Durable and firm knitting fabric

Common Application of Polyester Lining Fabric

For Swimsuit Lining

swimsuit lining fabric beige
With high stretch and lightweight, the lining fabric is a perfect option for swimwear lining. It can bring users ultra comfort and skin protection. The chlorine hid in the sea or swimming pool will gradually harm your skin. So lining fabric also provides you with a layer of protection. For close-fitting wear, the fabric is easy to fit the body and keeps cool.

For Bra Lining

soft and breathable polyester lining fabric for bra
It’s also common to use for bralettes including daily bras and sports bras. With good retention and soft hand feeling, the lining fabric provides you with support and comfort at the same time. It aids to keep the shape and leaves skin not see through. Let sports easy and cozy.

For Skirt Lining

lining fabric for skirt
To avoid upskirt, there is often a lining inside the skirt. The lining fabric builds a barrier for your body, and protect you from embarrassing situation in public. Besides, the lining fabric makes the skirt fit body better and not see-through. Also, it keeps the body dry and cool without feeling sticky.
To improve the comfort and durability of garments, the lining fabric will be your reliable solution. It’s a great complement to fashion, giving quality of practicality based on stylish. Make the purpose of bringing people a more skin-friendly and comfortable experience during any activities.

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