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Polyamide Elastane 2 Way Stretch Gloss Swim Fabric

Item Nr: NS031
Composition: Polyamide 82% Elastane 18%
Weight: 200g/m2
Width: 59/61"
1. glossy and shiny
2. smooth and flowing hand feel
3. skin-tight and breathable
4. UV protection and Anti-chlorine
5. elastic and resilient
6. superfine and tight-knitting

There are different black. If divided according to gloss, there will be glossy black, semi-gloss black, and matte black. It works on any color. This nylon spandex swim fabric is a glossy one. It looks different than normal gloss swim fabric. It shines like a starry sky. I like the Galaxy-like flow effect when shaking the fabric. Also, this amazing fabric has more usage than imagine. Let’s see it.

soft gloss swim fabric

Gloss Swim Fabric for Bathing Suit

shiny swimwear fabric

If you look closer you will feel the fabric is glossy like sparkling water. So it’s perfect for swimsuits. Moreover, do you think this gloss swim fabric feels consistent with the glossy beach? So the fabric is natural for the seaside. Also, the glossy black looks modest but luxurious. Is that a selling point for your new collection? Obviously, the fabric has fabulous properties for beachwear. It’s chlorine resistant and blocks harmful UV rays. You can get quality assurance from Wingtex!

Glossy Fabric for Yoga

black lycra fabric for leggings

This glossy stretch fabric is also good for yoga and gym wear. It has a beauty of strength. Not only depends on the color tune but also the luster processing. In addition, the fabric is durable with high compression and resilience. So it’s an excellent material for close-fitting clothing. The elasticity fits different sizes. Also, the gloss swim fabric can help realize the sweat-wicking effect without being sticky. So it’s good for athletic wear. How multi-purpose the fabric is!

Gloss Swim Fabric for Shapewear

gloss fabric for shapewear

Some of our customers prefer fabric with shine to make corsets. Here comes this glossy fabric! And it provides incredible body support! And we select superfine yarn and use tight-knitting process for seamless and nude feelings. Also, keep its shape and stretch over time. Also, the gloss swim fabric is ridiculously soft and skin-friendly, even for sensitive skin. And it’s a breathable fabric, no sweat in summer. Meanwhile, the glossy seamless fabric suits for bra cup cover, microfine texture, smooth and silky touch.

Gloss Stretch Fabric for Athleisure Wear

shiny black fabric for athleisure wear

Nowadays, knitting fashion has been more and more well-known and acceptable. People pay more attention to comfort than good looks. So athleisure came into being, it combines “athletic” with “leisure”, opening up a new fashion. Like some big sports and yoga brands, developing a series of hot items: flare pants, hoodies, pullovers, also knitted dresses. Let us know what simple fashion is like. Anyway, this gloss swim fabric is ready for simple fashion and brings a cozy and entry lux(affordable luxury) collection.

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