• for sports hoodies
  • 2mm thick
  • keep shape
  • microfiber polyester spandex
  • soft and durable
  • for jacket
  • other colors

Wingtex Scuba Knitting Fabric 2mm Double Face Polyester Spandex Spacer Fabric

Item Nr: KF1216
Composition: Polyester 82% Spandex 18%
Weight: 320g/m2
Width: 155cm/61"
1. air spacer to keep warm , good for autumn or winter garment
2. keep shape, make garments more stylish
3. Versatile, suit for different types of clothing
4. Custom color or printing within 1 yard
5. Factory direct supplier

Below is the details of our scuba knitting fabric

Product Description

2mm Double Face Polyester Spandex Air Spacer Scuba Knitting Fabric

Fabric Type air layer fabric What is Scuba Knitting Fabric? a kind of spacer fabric
Appearance double face interlock 3 layers form an air layer
Function Keep warm and windproof mainly made of polyester/polyester spandex/polyester cotton
Hand Feel Skin-friendly and smooth double knit fabric; flat and smooth
For Seasons Autumn and Winter Fabric Anti-wrinkle and keep the shape
Fabric Features Stiff and durable; no wrinkling; no pilling; moisture absorption; good stretch and recovery
Specification 50D72F+30DS Yarn Count; Weft Knitting Fabric; Beige Color
Scuba Knit Fabric VS Neoprene Fabric Scuba knit fabric takes advantage of the knitting machine to form the air layer
Neoprene Fabric is coated fabric, which means two layers of fabric are glued to the rubber
Air layer fabric is softer and more elastic than neoprene fabric, more suitable for garments sewing
Scuba knit fabric is versatile while neoprene fabric is mainly for wetsuits or waist trainers
Neoprene fabric is heavier than scuba fabric, always waterproof

smooth texture
smooth scuba knitting fabric

Scuba knitting fabric is a double interlock so it’s free-cut. It won’t cause waste when cutting and sewing. Meanwhile, you can make reversible clothing(available for wearing front and back). Due to the air layer, the scuba knit fabric is not easy to wrinkle and holds its shape very well. Besides making body-hugging clothes, the spacer scuba fabric also creates a loose effect for plus size.

Scuba Knitting Fabric Usage

The air spacer scuba fabric is popular among winter clothing, not only because giving warmth to the body but also holds shape. Hoodies, jackets, sweatshirts, tracksuits, and other sportswear for winter are the finished products from the scuba knitting fabric. For stylish wear like winter dresses, is also a popular item from scuba fabric. You can print some beautiful patterns onto the fabric, that will be fantastic! That’s not all! The fabric is also a good material for bra cups. No matter how thick you need, it can realize! This type may be a little thin, the bra cup is usually beyond 3mm, and the thickest can be 36mm. By the way, this 2mm thick scuba knitting fabric suits a medium-thick face mask, which is for cold weather.
scuba knit fabric for tracksuit
for sweatshirt
for mask
stiff scuba knit fabric

Certificate of OEKO-TEX and GRS


Here is our latest OEKO-TEX certificate which updates once a year. We are responsible for fabric quality and safety. Also, we care about the human body’s health and make sure our products are consistent with OEKO-TEX standards. No matter the raw material, the semi-finish, and the finished products, all of them are safe and reliable. Thus making it available to contact with our skin. So you will be confident about wingtex fabrics.
Besides the certificate for textile confidence, there is also a certificate for eco-friendly textiles. Guess what? Yes, it’s about GRS which belongs to recycled fabrics. We promise there is at least 50% recycled yarn in GRS products. If you need to hang the GRS label, it’s of course possible. Every time we think about how to protect the environment,  there is nothing but reducing fabric waste. To be honest, some of our recycled fabrics are from waste textiles, some are from waste bottles(RPET fabric). At present, recycled fabrics are possible to accept in some European countries. Believe it can be more and more acceptable in the recent 10 years!

Customer Benifits from Wingtex

If you choose wingtex to be your supplier, I’m very glad that you can get the following benefits:

  • fabric examples for free, we will match suitable items according to your demand
  • RTS color, quickly match the color you want. Also, you can confirm the color more quickly.
  • MOQ for custom color and printing is 1 yard, you can try 1 yard to check the quality first.
  • Factory direct price and delivery, don’t worry about the budget or delivery date.
  • Strict quality control and step-by-step inspection to meet customers’ quality standard
  • Customize different finishing techniques to realize various functions (brushing tech; fleece finished; UV protection; anti-bacterial; dry-fit, etc.)
  • TC certificate available, to promise every shipment of recycled fabrics to meet GRS.
  • Stable and long-term cooperation, don’t worry about your supply chain.

wingtex info
Wingtex will always be here to supply global buyers best fabrics!