• ribbed nylon spandex fabric for bras and leggings
  • ribbed fabric 78 nylon 22 elastane for tank top
  • buttery-soft
  • ribbed lycra fabric for tank top
  • nylon spandex stripe ribbed knit
  • rib spandex fabric for women suit
  • purple rib
  • rib fabric for activewear
  • ribbed nylon elastane fabric for sports jacket
  • yellow rib
  • green rib
  • gray rib

Ribbed Nylon Spandex Fabric 78% Nylon 22% Elastane Buttery-soft Four-way Stretch Fabric

Item Nr: N7521
Composition: Nylon 78% Elastane 22%
Weight: 220g/m2
Width: 51/53"
1. stretch material for bodycon fit
2. nude feeling buttery soft
3. sweat wicking air dry
4. stylish and comfy
5. wrinkle resistant
6. versatile fabric

Ribbed Nylon Spandex Fabric for Tank Top

ribbed spandex fabric
elastic ribbed fabric

You can find the same composition from lulu stores: 78% Nylon and 22% Lycra Elastane Ribbed. It’s a durable and elastic material for tanks. In order to give the top good coverage and body support. And enables body comfort. That’s what ribbed nylon spandex fabric to be. So do you want to get the same style as lulu? Just go for it.

Ribbed Spandex Fabric for Leggings

22 spandex ribbed fabric for bra and leggings
fabric details

Also, lulu has the same material for leggings. So I must say the fabric is buttery-soft to feel nothing. And rib knit is more strong and more durable to avoid pilling and abrasion. As the above described: the ribbed nylon spandex fabric is stretchy for body compression. So it’s a versatile fabric for leggings.

Ribbed Nylon Spandex Fabric for Bras

ribbed yoga wear fabric
purple rib

Please let me emphasize it again. You know what I mean: the same content as lulu’s rib bra. It’s soft for skincare and stiff to shape the body. The ribbed nylon spandex fabric knows how to show women’s beauty. It takes advantage of rib properties: more elastic; more strength; more designable. It’s like the key to the lock.

Ribbed Spandex Fabric for Knitted Fashions

rib spandex fabric for women suit
fabric details of nylon spandex ribbed knitted fabric

Do you know knitted fashions are silently being a trend? More than beauty, more and more people pursue comfort at the same time. While stretch-knitted fabric makes it possible. Also ribbed knit shapes a modern look. There is no need for other decorations. Indeed it drapes very well. That’s good for fashionable tops and bottoms. And this ribbed nylon spandex fabric creates a super cozy feeling, too.

Ribbed Nylon Spandex Fabric for Sports Jacket

ribbed nylon elastane fabric for sports jacket
breathable and supportive fabric for high coverage

It looks the same color as above. So I changed into another color series to catch your eye. Hope it will make a difference. The brown color is common for sports jackets you know. As the ribbed nylon spandex fabric is a breathable fabric, it’s very friendly for sports, activities, travel, and other movements. You can call it a kind of sports fabric. So it can be sweat-wicking meanwhile. And takes less time to air dry, which keeps you cool all the time.

Ribbed Nylon Spandex Fabric for Shirts

ribbed nylon spandex fabric for women shirts
draped well
4 way high stretch fabric

Since you read here, I want to tell you something: it’s the last one for today’s application show. As we said before, as the picture shows, the ribbed nylon spandex fabric is 4 way high stretch fabric. It suits for physical training clothing. Also, it adds comfort for daily wear. Like this long-sleeve shirt, rib spandex fabric gives features of supple and stretchy for different applications.

Color Swatch of Ribbed Nylon Spandex Fabric

What’s 2023 popular colors? According to Pantone Color Institute Promotion: Viva Magenta is the main color, it represents vigor and vitality. Besides, other popular colors such as Fiery Red; Tangelo; Classic Green also symbolize vibrancy. On the other hand, there are some warm colors healing you like: Peach Pink; Skylight; Vanilla Cream; Leek Green. They are bright and soft, good for spring. The following is the color choice for this ribbed nylon spandex fabric. It contains most of this year’s pop colors. Let’s have a look!

color swatch of ribbed nylon spandex

Our ribbed nylon spandex fabric creates more possibilities for fashion and sports. It enables beauty and comfy, meeting people’s current needs. Also, it’s lulu style. I come up with a concept: “Athleisure”. It seems from this big brand. Or in other words, it rises with yoga pants. Are you excited about that? Try to unlock the fashion code! Don’t hesitate! Come and start your collection with Wingtex!