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Ribbed Spandex Rayon Fabric for Leggings

Item Nr: KF1406
Composition: Rayon 91% Spandex 9%
Weight: 215g/m2
Width: 67/69"
Yarn Count: R50S30DSE
1. moisture absorbent; feel lightweight
2. better price and property than cotton
3. good opening and recovery, suitable for any size
4. 4-5 fastness durable and washable
5. high-level softness brings comfort
6. eco-friendly sustainable fabric

As a semi-synthetic fiber, rayon is a special existence in fabric textiles.

Due to its soft hand feel and semi-natural material, rayon is a cost-effective alternative to cotton. Better than cotton, rayon fabric is more wicking and wrinkle-resistant. It feels cool to wear and never sticky to the skin, which is good for summer. Besides, with spandex blended, it becomes stretchable. So rayon fabric has been very popular among textiles, it is widely used in t-shirts, underwear, sportswear, and yoga wear. By the way, rayon fabric has a good color fastness and is not easy to deform. So it can be a long-lasting material.

Rib Rayon Fabric for Lulus

black rib rayon fabric for yoga set
rayon fabric for sports bra

We give the spandex rayon fabric a rib knit to make it more resilient and durable. It’s cozy to wear in summer. Cause the wicking and quick dry function, you can make the fabric for leggings and sports bras. The rayon fabric is super soft, which is very comfortable to hug the body. And the lightweight fabric is perfect for hot weather. It never feels weighted after sweating. Meanwhile, the stretch fabric can hold the shape well.  To create a sense of sports and beauty at the same time. That’s also in line with lulu’s concept.

Rayon Fabric for Shirts

rib rayon fabric for shirts
rib spandex rayon fabric for shirts

For body-fitting garments, I supposed that you prefer the fabric to be light and breathable. For the tight fittings, think you are considering the elasticity. Guess right? To your expectation, the rayon fabric can realize both. Spandex not only enables the fabric to open and recover better but also makes it possible to support one size fits all. Rayon allows the body heat to flow so it’s good to wear inside. Therefore it’s a premium material for shirts. By the way, rayon fabric is anti-static, and also excellent for winter underwear.

Rayon Spandex Fabric for Underwear

for underwear
rib spandex rayon fabric for underwear

We know that panties’ crotch must be cotton while other parts can be different materials. Rayon is one of the common ones. Since you have read here I think you are very clear about the reason. Yes, it’s the cotton texture but much softer. What’s more, it does well in perspiration. For another aspect, you know how stretchiness is essential to underwear. The elastane is responsible for it. So it’s pleasant to say our spandex rayon fabric brings a cozy end use to the human being. Why not start your project with spandex rayon fabric?

Rib Spandex Rayon Fabric for Tank Top

rib rayon fabric for crop top
rayon fabric for tank top

Another common usage of rib rayon fabric is the tank top. Rib-knit creates a raised effect. It’s easy to work for. Just cut out the fabric into the same shape as your cardboard, then wrap the edge to finish your design. A simple and stylish tank top is done. You can apply many cut-outs to this ribbed rayon fabric. You know there are hundreds of styles to practice. And believe that your innovation will develop more. The tightness is up to you. So you can imagine how the spandex rayon fabric is stretchy! Come and have a try!

quality inspection
rib spandex rayon fabric

Besides the above, rib rayon fabric also has many other applications such as dresses, jumpsuits, and pants. It’s a multi-purpose fabric covering athletic, leisure, and inners. So it can give you more than you want. Of course, we support custom colors. You can send the Pantone color code or just the picture to us. We offer OEKO-TEX labels because wingtex fabrics are OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 certified. Every fabric roll is qualified by the International 4 Pont Inspection System before packaging. So our products are under strict quality assurance. With our promise, you can be confident to try with us. Right?