Nightwear Fabric

Nightwear fabric, which is also called sleepwear fabric. We have cotton fabric and bamboo fiber fabric and nylon tricot fabric for pajamas, 100 polyester fabric for pajama pants, rayon fabric for pajama set, polyester spandex fabric for nightgowns. We pay attention to the softness and comfort of nightwear fabric. We can send you free samples for testing handfeeling. And we can provide you with OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 Certificate. We guarantee that our nightwear fabrics are skin-friendly and comfortable to our human body.

Wingtex Hot Sales Bamboo Lycra Fabric for Nightwear

Item Nr: RS001
Composition: Bamboo 92% Spandex 8%
Weight: 200g/m2
Width: 59/60"
1. fashionable and malleabl
2. environment and health
3. comfortable, eco-friendly, and stylish
4. excellent air permeability and moisture absorption
5. unparalleled comfort and environmentally sustainable

Ribbed Spandex Rayon Fabric for Leggings

Item Nr: KF1406
Composition: Rayon 91% Spandex 9%
Weight: 215g/m2
Width: 67/69"
Yarn Count: R50S30DSE
1. moisture absorbent; feel lightweight
2. better price and property than cotton
3. good opening and recovery, suitable for any size
4. 4-5 fastness durable and washable
5. high-level softness brings comfort
6. eco-friendly sustainable fabric

Wingtex 95 Rayon 5 Spandex Fabric 155gsm Fabric

Item Nr: KF1405
Composition: Rayon 95% Spandex 5%
Weight: 155g/m2
Width: 180cm
1. soft and silky
2. 4 way stretch
3. good fabric drape
4. flat and even surface
5. ready to ship color card free for reference

Wingtex Super Smooth and Superfine Nylon Spandex Tricot Fabric

Item Nr: KF1410
Composition: Nylon 76% Spandex 24%
Weight: 170g/m2
Width: 160cm
1. superfine and super smooth
2. four way stretch
3. high grade color fastness
4. soft and silky with good fabric drape
5. water resistant and abrasion resistant
6. ready to ship color card free for reference

Wingtex 100% Polyester Woven Fabric Wholesale

Item Nr: KF20211224C
Composition: Polyester 100%
Weight: 120-125g/m2
Width: 148cm
1. soft and silky
2. light and bright
3. tight woven
4. high grade color fastness
5. ready to ship color card free for reference

Wingtex Satin Fabric Wholesale

Reference Price: USD2.89/yard

Item Nr: PS070
Composition: Polyester 90% Spandex 10%
Weight: 240gsm
Width: 150cm
1. soft and drape
2. smooth and elastic
3.glossy and shiny
4. high grade color fastness
5. ready to ship color card free for reference