• sun protection fabric for wraps and jackets
  • uv resistant fabric for whole-body sunproof jackets
  • uv protection fabric for sunproof hoodies
  • sun protection fabric for cooling arm sleeves
  • sun protective fabric with soft hand feeling
  • sunproof cool feeling fabric
  • soft nylon spandex single jersey
  • smooth texture of cool feeling fabric
  • different colors of uv resistant fabric

Sun Protection Fabric 85 Nylon 15 Spandex Single Jersey Fabric

Item Nr: KF1466
Composition: Nylon 85% Spandex 15%
Weight: 180g/m2
Width: 160cm
1. UV resistant UPF 50+
2. smooth and cool feeling
3. stretchy and resilient
4. wicking and non-sticky
5. 20+ ready to ship colors

How much do you know about Sun Protection Fabric?

UV protection fabric

Sun protection fabric, also called sunproof fabric. It can protect you from UV radiation. To keep your skin from sun exporsure, sunproof fabric makes a big difference. When it comes to typical fabric for sun protection, people always say polyester or nylon. That’s true. These fibers are versatile and can be tight-knitting.

Meanwhile, fabric chemical finishing is essential for sun protection fabric. During fabric finishing, anti-UV chemicals give the fabric extra function and property. That’s how UV protection fabric comes from. To know about fabric application, you can see the following info.

Sun Protection Fabric for Jackets and Hoodies

UV resistant fabric for sun protective cover ups and jackets
The fabric is micorfiber nylon spandex fabric. It feels ultra-soft and smooth. The fabric is not only for sun protection, but also for cool feeling. The most common application are sun protection jackets and hoodies. For skincare in the sun, this fabric is a good choice for you.

Sunproof Fabric for Cooling Arm Sleeves

sun protection fabric for cooling arm sleeves
As the pictures shown, the sun protection fabric is also good for making arm sleeves. It’s a stretch fabric with good resilience. And the single jersey fabric is persipiration resistant and gives your skin free breath. Although the fabric is not so thick, the sun protection level is UPF50+. (You can see the certificate below.)
Besides, this jersey fabric is suitable for making undershirts. You can see the model show above.

Sun protection Fabric for Long-leeve T-shirts

uv protective fabric for sunproof sports shirt
For outdoor activities, people prefer to choose UV resistant fabric with cool feeling, especially in summer. This will bring comfort during activities. The sun protection fabric can make it. Also, people cannot focus on what really matters when sweat sticks on the body. And this wicking fabric solve this problem!

UV Protection Fabric for Sunproof Gloves

sun protection fabric for gloves
When driving in hot weather, the steering wheel is in hot condition. To make drivers more comfortable, a pair of sunproof gloves is necessary. This anti-UV fabric is an excellent choice for making it. And it gives quality of cool feeling and breathability. You can call it multifunctional fabric.

20+ Available Colors for Sun Protective Fabric

available colors for sun protection fabric
According to Pantone colors, here are over 20 spot colors for ready shipping. For quality checking, you can get color swatch for free. For custom color, MOQ 1 yard is available. And we provide you with lab dip(dyed fabric sample). For color fastness, we promise you 4-5 grade and provide you with related testing reports.

UPF50+ Certificate

upf50+ certificate
UPF(Ultraviolet Protection Factor) has different levels while UPF50+ is excellent. Wingtex sun protection fabrics are UPF50+ certified. We provide you with UPF50+ test reports from the third party. To realize the sun protection effect, why not choose the excellent level?