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Wingtex 4 Way Stretch Tricot Polyester Spandex Fabric for Swimwear

Item Nr: PS010
Composition: Polyester 86% Spandex 14%
Weight: 180-200g/m2
Width: 59/60"
1. extraordinary quality
2. elastic and comfortable
3. enhance the shape and support of the body
4. a stylish look
5. recycled yarns and high-quality raw materials

bannerThe weather is getting hot. The market for swimsuits is expanding. If you are running a swimsuit business, you must check out spandex fabric for swimwear. I have a question to ask you first. What do you look for first when choosing fabric for your swimsuit? Of course, you will answer me about the quality and function of the swimsuit fabric. That’s right! So what kind of swimsuit fabric has extraordinary quality? This brings us to Wingtex’s spandex fabric for swimwear.specifications of spandex fabric for swimwear

The Uniqueness of Wingtex Spandex Fabric for Swimwear

As we all know, spandex fabric has always been synonymous with stretch. It is not only elastic but also comfortable. It will make your swimsuit fit your body closely. Whether swimming, surfing, or basking in the sun, spandex fabric for swimwear offers unparalleled comfort.

polyester elastane swimwear fabric details

You may not get an intuitive sense of how important spandex’s elastic advantages are to your swimwear. So you can imagine. What happens if a swimwear has no stretch? A swimsuit fabric with no stretch will make you uncomfortable to wear. It will restrict your movements. It limits your flexibility in the water. Also, a swimsuit fabric with no stretch may not fit your body perfectly.environmental protection of Wingtex

In addition, the elastic swimsuit fabric can provide good support. A non-stretchy swimsuit fabric may not provide enough support. Especially for women, inelastic swimsuits may not provide good breast support. Women who do not have a good appearance will have a lack of confidence in themselves. Elastic swimwear fabric can enhance the shape and support of the bust. Make the chest look more straight and shaped.Rainbow pattern of swimwear fabric

So the look of the swimsuit fabric is also important. Spandex fabric for swimwear has a stylish look. It can be presented in a variety of bright and varied colors and patterns. To meet the individual needs of different consumers. Whether you like simple classic or bold fashion, spandex fabric for swimwear can create your swimsuit style.enterprise value point of Wingtex


All in all, spandex fabric for swimwear is a great choice for swimsuit fabric. Wingtex is a fabric manufacturer with more than 20 years of experience. Our fabrics are made of recycled yarns. Select high-quality raw materials. We provide high-quality products as well as professional services. We can provide custom colors and custom prints! For you to create your swimsuit characteristics! In addition, we can also provide free samples of A4 size. To make sure that what we do matches what you want. Welcome to contact us! We’re serious about making fabric!contact us