• compression fabric for shapewear

Wingtex 58 Nylon 42 Spandex 4 way Stretch Shapewear Fabrics

Item Nr: KF1175
Composition: Nylon 58% Spandex 42%
Weight: 180g/m2
Width: 59/60"
1. breathable and wicking
2. excellent elasticity and tight effect
3. strong and wear-resistant
4. high pressure and compression
5. comfortable fit
6. anti-bacterial technology


nylon fabric for shapewear bannerWe often see beautiful women with perfect bodies on the Internet or on the roadside. Many people yearn for it. But for the average person, many people’s bodies are not so perfect. So what makes your hips pop and your waist slim? The answer is shapewear! The most important factor in a dress is its fabric. The quality of the shapewear fabrics determines its performance. Meaning?

What Material is Used for Shapewear Fabrics?

Shapewear fabrics are usually very stretchy fabrics. Such as polyester, nylon, or spandex. Obviously, these fabrics have a good elasticity and tight effect. This makes it effective in shaping your body curves! And provide moderate pressure. In addition, a good shapewear fabric can also provide a more comfortable fit. You can imagine that you wear shapewear in pursuit of beauty. But it’s not cozy. Even stuffy sweating makes you very uncomfortable. Then this shapewear is made of the wrong fabric! So what kind of shapewear fabric is a good fabric?compression fabric

Wingtex 58% Nylon 42% Spandex Fabric for Shapewear

Our shapewear is made of 58% nylon and 48% spandex. This makes it strong and wear-resistant. So that you can have it for a long time. At the same time, it has excellent elasticity and tight effect. No matter how big the butt or how big the waist is, it can be easily tightened. How amazing! This will help you create the perfect curves.
In addition, the fabric has excellent breathability. It helps you absorb moisture and sweat. It also keeps the body dry and comfortable. Keep the heat and discomfort away.environmentall dyestuff shapewear Fabrics

At the same time, our fabrics use anti-bacterial technology. Sweat is inevitable when your fat is constricted. Sweat inevitably carries bacteria. Our fabrics can effectively inhibit the growth of bacteria and keep clothing clean and hygienic.strong bursting force shapewear fabric
This fabric has a wide range of applications. It is suitable for all kinds of shapewear. Can meet the needs of different groups of people and fitness goals. Whether your shapewear products want to create perfect curves or want to improve the body line, you can choose this fabric.high proportion of spandex shapewear fabrics
These 58% nylon and 48% spandex shapewear fabrics are the perfect choices for your shapewear to create the perfect figure. Make you feel confident and beautiful while remaining comfortable.contact us