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Wingtex Custom Color 100 Polyester Sportswear Mesh Fabric

Item Nr: PX102
Composition: 100%Polyester
Weight: 150g/m2
Width: 62/64"
1. light and soft material
2. recycled yarn
3. skin-friendly
4. good permeability and hygroscopicity
5. functional and stylish design
6. custom color and printing


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What is Sportswear Mesh Fabric?

With the development of The Times, people pay more and more attention to sports and health. The sportswear market is experiencing an increase in demand. Good exercise results require good equipment. Therefore, the choice of sportswear fabric is very important. You may often see mesh in sportswear. It’s made of sportswear mesh fabric.

Sportswear mesh fabric is a special fabric material. It is commonly used to make the mesh part of sportswear. The design of this network structure makes it have good permeability and hygroscopicity. It allows air to circulate. Keep yourself dry. Effective sweating and heat dissipation. Make you feel more comfortable during exercise. In addition, good sportswear mesh fabric is also light and comfortable. At the same time, its design should be fashionable. Here comes the twist!

What are the Advantages of Wingtex’s Fabric?

Our sportswear mesh is made of 100% polyester bird’s eye fabric. Polyester fiber is a light and soft material. It frees your body from excess restraints. What’s more, Our polyester fabrics are made from recycled yarn. This makes the fabric more skin-friendly. If your skin is sensitive, you can wear it safely.Design of 100% Polyester Fabric

The design of the bird’s eye fabric gives it a unique texture and visual effect. Because the bird’s eye mesh is smaller. So it absorbs and removes sweat and moisture from the body more effectively. This is definitely the most important thing for sportswear. Sportswear has to do its job. Help users to achieve satisfactory exercise results. Therefore, bird’s eye mesh fabric has more advantages than ordinary mesh fabric.texture clear of Polyester Fabric Mesh 100% Polyester Fabric front oppsite mesh fabric of breathable

Good sportswear mesh fabric is not only functional. It also has a stylish design. It can meet the aesthetic needs of different groups of people through different colors, patterns, and textures. That’s right! Wingtex can provide custom colors and custom prints! So let you show personality and fashion in sports.soft Sportswear Fabric

We are a fabric manufacturer with more than 20 years of experience in sportswear mesh fabric. Our sincere service aims to help you find the most suitable fabric. Don’t focus on whether it’s expensive or cheap, but rather whether it’s the right choice for you. If something is suitable for you, it’s worth the price. On the other hand, if something is not suitable for you, even if it’s not expensive, it’s a waste. Contact us to find the right sportswear fabric for you!contact us