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Wingtex High-quality Metallic Swimwear Fabric

Item Nr: KF1560
Composition: Polyester 92% Spandex 8%
Weight: 170g/m2
Width: 59/60"
1. eye-catching appearance
2. unique and excellent performance
3. high-quality materials.
4. good elasticity and comfort
5. breathable, lightweight fabric
6. shiny metallic texture

metallic swimwear fabric banner
Summer is coming. The swimsuit market is about to open up. In the dazzling swimwear market. So how can you make your swimsuit stand alone like a golden rooster? If you have a swimsuit business. At that point, you must check out this metallic swimwear texture!  It can satisfy the unique psychology of your customers. It can also make it very compelling. Metallic swimwear fabric is a popular choice in today’s fashion industry. Because it has a shiny look and excellent performance. Next, let me introduce you to the metallic swimwear fabric. Bring you a perfect feast of fashion and function!white shiny swimwear fabeic

Unique Look of Metallic Swimwear Fabric

It has a shiny metallic texture. Adds a unique charm to swimwear. When the sun shines on it. It gives off a charming glow. Make you the center of attention! Not only that! This fabric provides more creative space for swimwear designers. This enables them to design more personalized and stylish swimwear styles. So, with it, you have unlimited possibilities.fabric effect of wrinkle resistancefabric effect of soft breathablefabric effect of beautiful luster


Excellent Performance of Metallic Swimwear Fabric

Except for the eye-catching appearance. Metallic swimwear fabric also has excellent properties. First of all, it uses high-quality materials. This means that it is not easily faded, deformed, or damaged. Secondly, it has good elasticity and comfort. Provides good fit and freedom of motion. Make you feel at ease while swimming in the water! In close clothing, the most taboo is to make the skin feel uncomfortable! So be sure to choose a breathable, lightweight fabric! Let it breathe instead of your skin!other application


Metallic swimwear fabric has a unique appearance and excellent performance. So it has become a highly sought-after product in the fashion industry. Whether it’s in the pool or on the beach, metallic swimwear fabric can exude confidence and charm!metallic swimwear fabric RTS COLOR

If you are looking for a unique and stylish swimsuit fabric. Metallic is the ideal choice for you! Choose wingtex!contact us