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Wingtex High Quality Polyester Fabric for Sportswear

Item Nr: NS010
Composition: Polyester 86% Spandex 14%
Weight: 185g/m2
Width: 59/60"
1. fast moisture absorption
3. environmental protection requirements
4. good elasticity and resilience
5. dry quickly
6. comfortable and light

If you are a sports enthusiast. Then your choice of sportswear fabric will be very strict. Have you ever wondered what kind of fabric is suitable for sportswear? Polyester fabric for sportswear is a common choice. It is widely used in making sportswear. Because polyester fabric for sportswear has many unique characteristics. So this makes it one of the preferred materials in the sportswear industry. black polyester spandex fabricred polyester fabric

Features of Polyester Fabric

Polyester has many excellent features. Listen to my words.

It’s very wear-resistant. The polyester fabric is specially treated. Make it less prone to wear or deformation. This makes it ideal for sportswear. Because if you exercise a lot, you will wear out your clothes a lot. If it doesn’t wear well, it often breaks down. Presumably, you don’t want to wear clothes made of fabric that easily breaks down while exercising. After all, it can affect your mood during exercise.

In addition, polyester fabrics have good elasticity and resilience. It maintains the shape and fit of your sportswear. This makes polyester fabric for sportswear more comfortable. And not prone to wrinkles. What’s more, it dries quickly and is comfortable and light. For sportswear, the breathability of fabrics is essential. Polyester fabric has a fast moisture absorption and evaporation rate. It is amicable for those who are prone to sweating.
To sum up, the various characteristics of polyester fabric make it very suitable for sportswear. In that wayblue polyester spandex fabric

Wingtex Polyester Fabric for Sportswear

Our polyester fabrics for sportswear have the characteristics of wear resistance, elasticity, wrinkle resistance, fast drying, light comfort, and so on. What’s more, the color fastness of our fabrics can reach 4-5 degrees. Make it hard to fade. The color stays bright even after you wash it many times.

Wingtex’s fabric, meanwhile, is a blend of spandex. Making it incredibly resilient. No matter how intense your exercise is, it will stretch to follow your movements. envrionmental protection polyester fabric for sportswear comfortable and soft polyester fabric for sportswear details of polyester fabric for sportswear

Not only that, our fabrics are certified by OEKO TEX STANDARD 100. This certification is an international standard. With this certification, the fabric is confirmed to be free of harmful substances during production. It is harmless to human health and meets environmental protection requirements.

Therefore, when you see our fabric, you can rest assured to buy it. Due to its rigorous testing and certification. certification

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