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Wingtex Hot Sales Nylon Spandex Sexy Lingerie Mesh Fabric

Item Nr: NS009
Composition: Nylon 91% Spandex 9%
Weight: 90g/m2
Width: 59/60"
1. light and breathable
2. no sense of bondage
3. fit the curve of the body
4. soft and skin-friendly
5. beautifully designed and detailed
6. customize in colors and prints

lingerie mesh fabric bannerWhen it comes to lingerie, there are a variety of styles that come to mind. These styles are very varied. Some women don’t fully understand it themselves. But as a lingerie manufacturer, you need to know. It is worth your affirmation that the essential fabric in lingerie must be elastic mesh. Especially in the summer! Women will favor lingerie mesh fabric. Because it’s light, breathable and comfortable. Today, I will recommend high-quality lingerie mesh fabric for you. Then make your customers more confident, comfortable, and beautiful in their daily lives.

Lingerie Mesh Fabric: Light and Breathable

Our lingerie mesh fabric is made of high-quality mesh material. It’s light and breathable. Let your customers feel at ease when wearing them. So there will be no sense of bondage. At the same time, the mesh fabric material has good air permeability. Anyone who has worn cotton underwear in the summer knows that. How hot it is! Sweat builds up in your cleavage. It’s also bad for the breasts. So the sweat effect of the mesh is good. Keep you dry and comfortable even in the hot summer months.lingerie mesh fabric details

Lingerie Mesh Fabric: Comfortable and Snug

Our mesh fabric is a blend of nylon and spandex. Spandex is known to have a lot of elasticity. What are the advantages of elasticity? Because is that it suits women of all bust sizes. It fits the curve of the body. At the same time, we employ premium textiles. Because soft and skin-friendly, it will not cause irritation and damage to the skin.fabric features

Lingerie Mesh Fabric: Delicate and Beautiful

Our lingerie mesh fabric is beautifully designed and detailed. So let your customers feel comfortable in their clothes and express their personality and charm. Also, our fabrics can be customized in colors and prints.fabric usage

Sum Up

We are, wingtex, do not only make quality fabrics. We also have a professional after-sales service team. Always ready to answer your questions and deal with problems. Let you buy without worries.

Our lingerie mesh fabric is your choice. So let’s enjoy the light, breathable, and comfortable feeling together. Show your beauty and charm!contact us