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Wingtex Hot Sales78 Polyester 22 Spandex Fabric for Leggings

Item Nr: PS109
Composition: Polyester 78% Spandex 22%
Weight: 250g/m2
Width: 62/64"
1. breathable and moisture-wicking
2. excellent elasticity and softness
3. anti-bacterial and anti-UV
4. not easy to pill
5. comfortable and stylish
6. durable and easy to protect

78 polyester 22 spandex fabric for leggings bannerIn today’s society, you may often see beautiful women wearing leggings shopping on the street. Why do they choose to wear leggings? Let me help you out! First, the fabric of the leggings is soft and comfortable. When shopping can be appropriate to reduce the feeling of fatigue. Secondly, the fabric of leggings is generally elastic. It can show the user’s perfect body to the fullest. So when it comes to comfortable yet stylish clothing, leggings must be on the list. However, the comfort and quality of leggings necessarily depend on the choice of fabric. So I would like to introduce you to Wingtex polyester spandex fabric for leggings!

Wingtex Fabric for Leggings: the Perfect Choice for Comfort, Fashion, and Durability

specification of polyester spandex fabric for leggings
You may be asking: What’s so special about your fabric? That’s the point!
First, our fabric for leggings is made from high-quality polyester and spandex blends. This gives it excellent elasticity and softness. This fabric will fit your body closely. At the same time, it can stretch naturally. Provide you with excellent comfort and freedom of movement space. Let you feel unparalleled comfort ~

polyester elastane non-pilling fabric

Secondly, our fabric for leggings is made of breathable materials. This keeps your skin dry and comfortable. Let your skin breathe freely. Whether it is high-intensity exercise or long-time wearing, you can feel it brings refreshing. The fabric is also antibacterial. It can effectively reduce the growth of bacteria. Keep you fresh and healthy in sports and daily life. This is other people’s fabric may not be able to do~

PS109 moisture wicking

Finally, our fabric for leggings is durable and easy to protect. It is not easy to pill after rubbing. The fabric can withstand many washes and wears. Not easy to deform and fade. At the same time, it is also straightforward to clean and use warm water and soap. Save you tedious care steps.

ps109 UPF 50+ PS109more usage

All in all, our polyester spandex leggings fabric is the perfect choice for comfort, style, and durability. So that you can confidently show their style on any occasion! Choose polyester spandex fabric for leggings, choose wingtex!contact us