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Wingtex Manufacturer 80 Polyester 20 Spandex for Sportswear

Item Nr: PS109
Composition: Polyester 80% Spandex 20%
Weight: 250g/m2
Width: 62/64"
1. moisture-wicking and breathable
2. anti-wrinkle and not easy to pilling
3. recycled yarn
4. soft and comfortable
5. high color fastness

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80 polyester 20 spandex is a common fabric ingredient in the textile industry. You may often see it in the fabric of yoga wear and leggings. This also reflects its popularity in the field of sports fabrics. So the question is, what are its pros and cons?

What are the Pros of 80 Polyester 20 Spandex?

There are many advantages, let me reveal one by one.

The addition of 20% spandex gives it extraordinary flexibility. Superior elasticity allows you to support large movements and stretches. Even if you want to do anything high-intensity sports. It can be as good as ever.

At the same time, where there is a stretch, there is a rebound. It also has excellent resilience. Not only is it able to maintain the shape of the garment after stretching, but it also provides adequate support. Make you feel confident and comfortable.

In addition, polyester is a kind of strong synthetic fiber. It makes the fabric have better wear resistance. After being washed and rubbed in daily use, it can still maintain a long service life.

Speaking of washing, we have to mention the care of the fabric. It’s also easier to care for. There are not some very complicated care methods that make you feel very troublesome. Simple care will do.

What’s more, the fabric of this ingredient will be very light and breathable. When you wear it on your body, you feel relaxed and free as if you are in the clouds.

80 polyester 20 spandex with brushed effect 80 polyester 20 spandex with soft 80 polyester 20 spandex with not easy to pilling 80 polyester 20 spandex with breathable

Does this make you wonder? Is it all good?

Of course not. Every object has its advantages and disadvantages.

What are the Cons of 80 Polyester 20 Spandex?

Compared to other materials, polyester’s hard properties make it less soft. Soft fabrics in the process of movement will inevitably make you sweat. At the same time, spandex fabrics can become wrinkled when overheated. This could affect beautiful. Try not to heat treat the fabric to avoid this situation.


Wingtex Unique Characteristics80 polyester 20 spandex with high fastness 80 polyester 20 spandex with environmental dyestuff 80 polyester 20 spandex with recycled yarn

80 polyester 20 spandex with sublimation printing

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As I said above, 80 polyester 20 spandex fabrics do more good than harm. Now comes the twist! Wingtex fabrics use our own unique high-quality technology to solve the common shortcomings of this fabric! Our fabrics are soft to the touch and are brushed on one side. It provides you with softness while also moisture-wicking. Can achieve the effect of water absorption and quick drying. Let you breathe freely in the movement. As a popular fabric ingredient in leggings and sportswear, we have also added sun protection to make them UPF50+. You can exercise easily outdoors without worrying about the burden of getting a tan. We have this kind of fabric in stock, NO MOQ!!

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