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Polyester Spandex Milk Silk Brushed Lingerie Fabrics

Item Nr: PS450G
Composition: Polyester 88% Spandex 12%
Weight: 175g/m2
Width: 59/60"
1. breathable and moisture-wicking
2. good opening and resilience
3. high color fastness
4. not easy to pilling
5. environmental dyestuff
6. recycled yarn

Are you frustrated with uncomfortable lingerie fabrics? Do you feel suffocated by restrictive lingerie fabrics? Let’s look no further than Wingtex’s milk silk brushed lingerie fabrics, which solve all your problems. Wingtex’s milk silk brushed lingerie fabrics are breathable and comfortable, providing unparalleled softness during use. It is made of a blend of polyester and spandex and is processed using superb techniques to create the brushed effect. You may have some questions.

Are Polyester and Spandex Materials Suitable for Making Lingerie Fabrics?

Of course yes! Spandex is famous for its softness and comfort in making lingerie fabrics, and its excellent elasticity provides a better skin-hugging sensation.
At the same time, the addition of polyester makes it even smoother, and the silky touch brings you a delightful feeling. When you’re at home, you’ll abandon any bras with a hard touch. Then bras made of polyester-spandex material not only offer softness and comfort but also have an appealing appearance, making them the perfect choice for those who prefer a natural sensation. So?

Lingerie Fabrics with soft and comfortable Lingerie Fabrics with breathable Lingerie Fabrics with environmental dyestuff Lingerie Fabrics with brushed effect Lingerie Fabrics with recycled yarn Lingerie Fabrics with high color fastness Lingerie Fabrics with not easy to pilling Lingerie Fabrics with good opening and resilience
What are the Applications of Spandex-polyester Lingerie Fabrics?

Elegant lingerie: Made of high-quality polyester spandex milk silk brushed lingerie fabrics, it has a soft touch and comfortable texture. Its velvet texture provides a warm and skin-friendly sensation, while its elasticity provides excellent fit and comfort.

Lace-trimmed lingerie: Polyester Spandex Milk Silk Brushed fabric can combine with exquisite lace-trimmed design, providing both comfort and fashion. The lace-trimmed design adds feminine charm and elegance.

Lightweight and seamless underwear: This type of underwear is lightweight and perfectly conforms to the body’s curves. Its soft texture and seamless design provide ultimate comfort.

Sportswear: This type of underwear features excellent elasticity and moisture-wicking properties. Its soft texture and comfortable fit make it an ideal choice for sports, while its fashionable design is also suitable for daily wear.

There are many other uses for this fabric. Here’s the key point!

Application of Lingerie fabrics
What are the Advantages of Wingtex’s Fabric?

Reliable quality: Wingtex’s fabrics have high quality and reliability. Our fabric undergoes strict quality control to ensure its durability, softness, and comfort.
Comfort: Our fabrics have a comfortable touch and breathability to ensure your comfort.
Durability: Our fabric is durable and can withstand long hours of wear and washing. Durable fabric do not easily deform, pill, or damage, and can maintain long-term use.
Versatility: Our fabric is good to meet the needs of different products and markets. Otherwise, We also support color customization and printing customization.
Wingtex is so excellent, aren’t you tempted? Come and shop now!

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