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Wingtex 92 Polyester 8 Spandex Crinkle Swimwear Fabric

Item Nr:KF1277
Composition: Polyester 92% Spandex 8%
Weight: 500g/m2
Width: 31/33"
1. a unique texture and appearance
2. elasticity, and softness,
3. sun protection and UPF50+
4. high-quality swimwear fabric
5. no minimum order quantity
6. fast-drying performance

crinkle swimwear fabric bannerHave you ever had this experience? On the hot beach, you can’t stop looking at beautiful women in colorful swimsuits. If you have a swimwear business. Have you ever thought about how to make your swimsuit stand out among all kinds of swimsuits? So that customers can see it and shine? Then let me recommend to you today’s hot crinkle swimwear fabric!seersucker fabric for swimwear

What is Crinkle Swimwear Fabric?

Crinkle swimwear fabric is a special type of fabric. It is characterized by a wrinkled surface that gives a unique texture and appearance.good open of crinkle swimwear fabric

It is usually made of polyester or nylon fiber. These materials typically have good elasticity and softness. It can adapt to the curve of the body and provide a comfortable fit. At the same time, crinkle swimwear fabric not only has the most basic functions of other swimsuit fabrics. It also has durability and strength. Resistant to water erosion and daily wear.high color fastness of swimwear fabric

In addition, the crinkle swimwear fabric also has a fast-drying performance. So it expels water quickly and keeps the body dry. Most importantly, it also has excellent sunscreen properties. It can provide effective protection against the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays. Then provide additional protection for your users.environmental dyestuff of crinkle fabric

What’s more, the crinkle swimwear fabric also has fashion and variety. It can make all types of swimsuits, including sports and fashion types. Let people feel comfortable while swimming, but also show their style.soft crinkle swimwear fabric

Wingtex KF1277  92 Polyester 8 Spandex Swimsuit Fabric

chlorine resistant of fabricLet me introduce Wingtex’s crinkle swimwear fabric! Our KF1277 is made of 92% polyester and 8% spandex. Its ruffled effect gives the swimsuit a unique texture and look. Then we have a selection of available products with no minimum order quantity. Our wrinkled fabrics do not just have a stylish look. It also has UPF50+ sunscreen properties! You can also choose the right color according to your preferences and needs. We also offer custom colors and custom prints!UPF50+ swimwear fabricbreathable polyester spandex swimwear fabricKF1277 more usage

In general, crinkle swimwear fabric is a fabric with a unique texture and appearance. Its elasticity, softness, and sun protection make it ideal for creating high-quality swimwear. Fate makes us know each other. Trust makes us friends.contact us